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American Federation of Astrologers Convention 2006

Three-part Lecture:

Spiritual Revolution Meets Scientific Revolution

Pluto’s transit of the Galactic Center
and What This Means for the World Today

By Martin Lass ©2006


       Today, we’re going to be dealing with many in-depth intellectual ideas, esoteric concepts, and challenging perspectives, to say the least. It’ll be a full-on hour and a half and only the first of three sessions. For this reason and with your permission, I’m going to begin by offering a short ten-minute meditation process designed to awaken our “organs” of perception, so to speak, other than the “organ” of the intellect. As a tool, the intellect is wonderful, but, like any tool, it has its specific area of utility, outside of which it has its limitations. You wouldn’t use a chain saw to perform brain surgery; neither would you use a pair of tweezers to move a mountain. This meditation process will also encapsulate experientially the essence of what we’ll be exploring in the next three sessions. The simplicity and directness of an experience is often better than a thousand words.

(Meditation process)

       Depending on time, we’ll begin each of the other two sessions, tomorrow and the following day, with this same short meditation process.

       By the way, you’re welcome to make use of the preceding meditation process, but please give credit when doing so. The process has already been copyrighted and trademarked.

       Just to let you know, too, this entire lecture—all three sessions, including diagrams and references—will be available on my website at the conclusion of my last session. The lecture is also being videoed. Given this, and as we’ll be moving at quite a pace today, I suggest that it would be better to simply listen rather than taking copious notes. However, it’s up to you.

       The weblink for the lecture will be, but this link won’t be active until after my last session.


       We’re living in a time of unprecedented global progress, change, upheaval, and interaction. It’s a time of individual and collective transformation of consciousness of the planet. We’re in the midst of the birth pangs of a new paradigm, holographically mirrored in major deaths, transformations, rebirths, and new births in all areas of the human psyche—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—and touching all “houses” of human experience and activity—physical, familial, social, financial, mental, vocational, and spiritual.

       The areas we’ll discuss in the next three days—areas that are all completely interrelated in the wake of this major transit—include astronomy, astrophysics, quantum physics, metaphysics, religions and other spiritual pursuits, psychology, mythology, astrology (obviously!), sociology, ecology, energy and natural resources, consciousness, global conflicts, politics (God forbid!), earth changes, pandemic diseases, global finance, and more. Sounds like a fun day! We’ll deal with the ideological aspects first, and then later, we’ll look at the practical implications of the transit in terms of specific global issues and events.

       It’s my contention that there’s nothing in our earthly or heavenly existence that will not be affected one way or another by this transit. As we explore each area in turn and interrelate each to each, a larger picture will emerge, pointing inevitably to a metafluctuation—a “phase shift,” an evolution—of human consciousness through which the world has already begun to travel.

       The shift of consciousness—personally and collectively—is being, and will be, catalyzed by Pluto in the breakdown of old paradigms that have served us in the past in preparation for a quantum leap into new paradigms that are closer to Universal Truth, represented by the Galactic Center. In short, we’re in the process of shedding skins—shedding illusions about ourselves, our lives, and our place in the cosmos; illusions about where we come from, who we are, why we’re here, and where we’re going.

       In place of these old paradigms—in total, constituting the current consensus reality—will be born new paradigms encompassing expanded views of reality. We’ll become aware of previously unseen connections and interrelations, and we’ll witness the meeting and reconciliation of previously opposing perspectives.

       Such previously opposing perspectives that will gradually succumb to synthesis over the next thousand years and more include apparent polarities such as science and religion/spirituality, physics and metaphysics, astronomy and astrology, physiology and psychology, ancient, Native, and modern knowledge, the material and energetic/spiritual paradigms, and more. We’re seeing the beginning of this in some areas already.

       The so-called New Age movement is just a minor precursor to what’s in store, and a somewhat one-sided precursor at that, as we’ll see in what follows.

       Having said this, not everyone will be happy about the coming changes. Pluto sets the bar high in terms of challenging us to acknowledge, accept, embrace, love, and work with, major changes in our lives, both internally and psychologically, and externally and practically. There will necessarily be a parting of the ways.

       Those who are prepared for the changes and are willing to work with them for the future will become a part of the next phase of the evolution of human consciousness—maybe even a part of the birth of the next human species, a topic I’ll cover a little later. Conversely, those who aren’t prepared and/or who are unwilling to work with the changes will suffer a different fate, the likes and details of which I leave to Pluto to mete out each according to his or her current state of consciousness.

       The tectonic shift of consciousness to which we’ve been referring is akin to puberty in the human organism, where, suddenly, within the space of a few years, the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of the human being are forcibly brought together and jolted into the first real moments of self-awareness by the transforming power of sexuality. Anybody here the parents of teenagers? (I suggest that Pluto’s role in this process is self-evident.) The shift is also akin to the transition phase of childbirth, where the soon-to-be-mother temporarily all but loses her grip on her rational faculties and the checks and balances of social conditioning. I have the bruises to prove it, being the father of three! In short, in both cases, all hell breaks loose for a time, apparent chaos and seemingly destructive forces being the harbingers of a new and emergent order.

       In metaphysical terms, something must die for something new to be born. This is Pluto’s way. In the case of the global shift of consciousness that we all face, our previous illusions, lies, half-truths, ignorance, biases, stances, contradictions, partisan and partial viewpoints, judgments, blame, fundamentalism, and illogic must die for greater to Truths to be revealed. Such metaphysical deaths are invariably and holographically mirrored in external events and circumstances, such as the growing global conflicts and conflagrations that we’re seeing in recent times.

       Among the illusions that must die is the illusion that there’s anything in existence—anything within ourselves, within our lives, or in the life of greater humanity—that’s unconnected or unrelated to everything else.

       In short, Pluto transiting the GC will try to show us the essential Unity of all things existing, encapsulated in the words, “You are me, and I am you, and we all are on a journey of awakening to our common origin in the primordial, celestial Light.”

       In what follows, if it appears for a moment (or more!) that I’ve digressed from the topic at hand—digressed from the Pluto/GC event or from astrology per se—please bear with me. I will return to the main thrust, having elaborated the seemingly far outlines of the bigger picture that I wish to lay before you.

       Please also bear with me if I seem to be presenting things in a haphazard manner, jumping from one thing to another. Keep in mind that Truth is like a jigsaw puzzle: the puzzle is solved randomly it seems, a piece at a time. But as the pieces come together, gradually a bigger picture—a larger Truth, in a way—appears before our eyes.

       Also, bear in mind that we’re looking at a dynamic picture, not a single, static event within a linear chain of other events. The transit of Pluto and the GC, whose embryonic effects are already being felt, should be considered a “seed event” that will unfold over a substantial period. When we look at a person’s natal chart, we don’t expect that the patterns within it will all magically manifest at the moment of birth; otherwise, we’d all come out of the womb already educated, with a job, a spouse, kids, and a mortgage! Why would it be any different for the astrological event in question? We need to put such events into the larger context of their potential lives.

       Part of the new paradigm augured by this transit is that our lives—terrestrially and celestially, scientifically and spiritually—are dynamic, living processes and are, as such, cycles within larger cycles within larger cycles of ongoing creation and evolution, intimately connected, even to the GC itself. I hope this will become increasingly clear today.

       Lastly, you may have questions in the midst of my ramblings. Try to pick an appropriate pause in the material to interject. If the answers to such questions are contained in what I have yet to share, I may ask you to bear with me. If your question has not been answered by the end of the lecture, hopefully there’ll be time then to address such questions.

       I’ll be presenting the main body of this lecture in three parts and over three days, but, for all intents and purposes, it’s one lecture. I’ll briefly recap where we’re up to at the beginning of the second day and again at the beginning of third day, in particular, for those who might be joining us for the first time.

       First, I’ll present the main thrust of the argument—the overarching themes that are mirrored in the transit event. Second, I’ll present the evidence, ideas, and theories behind the actual event and behind the new paradigms that the event represents. And third, I’ll present how the world is being, and will be, affected by the event and by the emerging new paradigm—actual events and circumstances as well as possible outcomes in the real world.

The Main Thrust

Scientific Revolution Meets Spiritual Revolution

       In everything that follows, keep in mind that, in this transiting conjunction, Pluto is the catalyst, Sagittarius is the stage, the GC represents our far aim, and the Sun, for reasons given in what follows, is our guiding Light, individually and collectively.

       I propose that the most visible manifestation of the transit of Pluto and the GC is, and will be, the meeting and intermingling of two modern revolutions: the scientific revolution and the spiritual revolution.

       The scientific revolution is more visible and has a longer history in modern times; there’s no doubt that it’s revolutionized the world in both practical and ideological ways.

       In contrast, the spiritual revolution is still in embryonic form, having its recent origins in the so-called New Age movement. However, the New Age movement, in my opinion, has been merely a resurrection of ancient and Native spiritual knowledge and practices, combined with all manner of fictions and fantasies—a fitting tribute to Neptune’s part in the confluence of outer planet aspects in the 1960s that contributed to the birth of the New Age. I suggest that we’ve not yet seen the real spiritual revolution that’s taking form amidst the chaos and conflict in and between traditional religions and amidst the less defined and mistier arena of the New Age movement.

Polarized Perspectives

       On the surface, science and spirituality represent two polarized perspectives—two entirely different ways of looking at the world, our lives, and ourselves. Moreover, within each side of this greater polarity are internal polarized perspectives.

       In broad terms and at the risk of generalizing, science tends to occupy itself with what can be measured, with the tangible world, with logic and the intellect, with dissection, particularization, specification, and definition. Spirituality, on the other hand, tends to occupy itself with intangibles, what cannot necessarily be measured, with feeling and the heart, with holism, generalization, and merging.

       Science tends to be concerned with life on planet Earth, whereas spirituality tends to be more concerned with life beyond planet Earth. Science tends to be more practical, whereas spirituality tends to be more idealistic. Science tends to look at things quantitatively, whereas spirituality tends to look at things qualitatively. Science tends to be object oriented, whereas spirituality tends to be relational.

       Science has yet fully to acknowledge the interconnectedness of everything in existence, although it’s been making progress on this front in the last so many years. Whereas, spirituality has yet fully to acknowledge the full value and larger purpose of our everyday, material lives in relation to its lofty spiritual aims.

       Science tends to reject, ignore, pass off, and/or mistrust the world of spirituality. I admit that this is somewhat of a generalization, because there are very many religious scientists, of which Albert Einstein was just one, who see science as a way of getting to know God and God’s Plan. Conversely, spirituality tends to reject, ignore, pass off, mistrust, or minimize our day-to-day material lives. Again, I admit that this may be somewhat of a generalization, as quite a few religions and spiritual groups give guidelines for practical living that are in line with their spiritual aims. Judaism is one example. However, there’s generally a strong bias toward the intangible spiritual life as against the material life, particularly in the so-called New Age movement. In extreme cases, adherents live entirely for the sake of a projected afterlife, extremist Muslims being examples of this.

       Science tends to be mechanistic, whereas spirituality tends to be more animistic. Science tends to look at history from the perspective of “time’s arrow,” i.e. linearly and from the point of view of cause and effect, although quantum physics is now challenging this perspective. Whereas spirituality tends to look at history from the perspective of “time’s cycle,” i.e. in terms of repeating processes within repeating processes. If spirituality tends to see causes and effects, it’s more likely from the point of view of being influenced by, or aligning oneself with, divine beings of opposing inclinations, such as God and the Devil.

       In geographical terms, the Eastern hemisphere has tended over history to focus on spiritual matters while minimizing material matters. On the other hand, the Western hemisphere has tended over history to focus on scientific/material matters—at least, in the last thousand years. However, this polarity has been changing in the last hundred years.

       Given the preceding, Pluto’s transit of the GC and all that this transit entails is very much about bringing these two sides together into a higher synthesis that includes both sides in a broader, more inclusive understanding of the world, our lives, and ourselves.

Two Fronts: Astronomy and Quantum Physics, Linked by the Physics of Light.

       Initially, we’re going to examine the meeting of these two revolutions from two fronts: astronomy and quantum physics, linked by the physics of Light.

       The scientific side of the astronomy front includes astronomy itself, its “I wannabe scientific” partner, astrology, and astrophysics. I’ll refer to this trio as the “astro-ologies.”

       Then, we’ll examine the spiritual side of the astronomy front, that being how the “astro-ologies” we’ve laid out mirror our spiritual journey through the cosmos. This is metaphysics. The linking factor between the “astro-ologies” and our spiritual journey is Light, as we’ll see.

       The scientific side of the second front from which we’ll be approaching this topic of scientific revolution meets spiritual revolution is quantum physics, which, as science has realized in the last hundred years, is intimately connected to the macro-world of astrophysics.

       Then, we’ll examine the spiritual side of quantum physics, seeing how quantum physics mirrors our psychological make-up and how it relates to our spiritual journey through the cosmos. The linking factor between quantum physics, our psychological make-up, and our spiritual journey is, again, Light with a capital “L.”

       Moreover, the linking factor between the two fronts themselves—between the “astro-ologies”/spiritual journey pair and the quantum physics/psychology/spiritual journey pair—is also Light, taken in the broadest sense.

       By “Light,” I mean not just the visible light spectrum, but the entire spectrum of electromagnetic energies, from radio waves to high-energy gamma rays and above. Science agrees with the use of this word in this way. However, I’ll be expanding this definition of Light—Light with a capital “L”—to include the entire spectrum of the four fundamental forces of nature: electromagnetic energy, the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, and gravity (although, strictly speaking, gravity is not a force but a curvature of spacetime, a dimension). In the wake of science’s efforts to unify these four fundamental forces into a Grand Unified Theory of existence, it’s reasonable and natural to expand the definition of Light in this way. There’s also another reason for doing this, which we’ll cover in what follows.

The Cosmic Hologram

       As we proceed, we’ll gradually become aware, hopefully, that we’re not dealing with a collection of separate topics in different fields of study, knowledge, and experience, but with one Big Picture whose linking factor is Light, again taken in the broadest sense. I’m going to call this Big Picture the cosmic hologram.

       In short, and without going into details that we’ll elaborate in what follows, the micro-world and macro-world of science mirror each other, the most obvious example being quantum physics and astrophysics; they are holograms of each other. For example, the inner “Sun” of an atom is its nucleus, and an atom’s “planets” are its shells of electrons. As above, so below.

       Furthermore, the “astro-ologies” are a hologram of our spiritual journey through the cosmos. And quantum physics is a hologram of our psychological make-up.

       Theoretical scientists have recently conjectured that our entire universe might just be a giant hologram. Given this, with respect to our questions about existence, whether spiritual or scientific, wherever we look, we’ll find the same answers, if we know what we’re looking for and if we have the key to unlocking the Mysteries of the hologram.

       I suggest that the transit of Pluto and the GC in Sagittarius offers just such a key. In what follows, I’ll use this key to trace the outlines of the cosmic hologram. Moreover, I’ll project what the transiting conjunction itself, as a “seed event,” will mean for humanity over the next two thousand years and more.

Our Primordial Origin Mirrored in the Galactic Center (GC)

       Before getting into the details, though, let’s set the stage.

       Given the idea of a cosmic hologram, let me suggest that the Source (with a capital “S”) of our existence is akin to the pre-Big Bang singularity “point” theorized by science as being the primordial origin of the universe. Personally, I don’t subscribe to the Big Bang theory per se, as there are glaring inconsistencies, contradictions, and holes in the theory wide enough to drive a Mack truck through.[1] I list some of these in the endnotes, or you can research it yourself on the Internet.

       Suffice to say, the Big Bang theory is a workable metaphor for our purposes if we take it not as a linear Alpha/Omega scenario, but as an eternally renewing process of creation and evolution in an eternal universe. Theoretical physicists, some involved in string theory, have already suggested such a scenario among a bevy of more bizarre possibilities.

       So, the Source—the Absolute cosmic hologram—was a timeless, spaceless, omnipresent, pluripotential singularity of ultimate Light.

       This singularity point is holographically mirrored at the heart of every young, mid-term, and aging galaxy—in their central quasars and/or black holes. It’s further holographically mirrored in the center of every star in the universe, including our Sun. It’s further holographically mirrored—and I’ll present evidence for this—in each one of us.

       Again, the linking factor is Light, taken in its broadest sense, as we’ll soon see.

       The creation of the universe from this singularity point, through the hearts of galaxies, through stars such as the Sun, through the planets, and through life on the planets, is a “descent” of Light from the primordial Source—a diffusion, a scattering, a fragmentation, a decay, a dispersion of Light. I’ll elaborate on this in a moment.

       The relevant point is that the astronomical creation of the universe and our spiritual journey, from the Source to where we are in this room right now, are one and the same. We are truly astronomical beings of Light—Light meaning energy and Light meaning Spirit.

Return to GC via the Sun.

       Given the preceding—i.e. the creation of the universe and ourselves as the “descent” of Light from the primordial Source—the opposite universal motion is evolution. Not just evolution of species, but evolution of mass/matter back into energy in an “ascent” of Light back to the Source/singularity.

       Science is only just beginning to explore this part of the equation and to break down its infatuation with entropy. Entropy says that the universe is like a wind-up clock, ever winding down. Entropy, if carried to its seemingly logical conclusion, can only lead to the end of the universe in what’s been dubbed “The Cosmic Whimper.” Again, there are numerous flaws in this otherwise depressing scenario, not the least of which is that it’s based on the equally flawed Big Bang theory.

       Evolution, is its broadest sense, is anti-entropy. When we talk about evolution, we’re not just talking about the evolution of species or the evolution of mass/matter back into energy/unified Light, but we’re also talking about the evolution of consciousness back to the Unity of the Source. Again, and I can’t stress it enough, the linking factor is Light, taken in the broadest sense.

       We’ll explore the religious connotations of this latter theme later, when we talk about Pluto in Sagittarius.

       So, given the above, the evolution of mass/matter back into unified energy is mirrored in processes that happen in the centers of stars and black holes—fusion of matter back into energy. In stars, this process simultaneously evolves the elements from hydrogen to helium and on up the periodic table. In black holes, this process completely transforms matter and energy back into relative singularity.[2]

       This is mirrored in the metaphysical evolution of our material consciousness back into the unity of energetic or spiritual consciousness, this being our Return to the Oneness of the Source.

       I suggest that our ascending journey of spiritual evolution, catalyzed by Pluto during this defining transit, is a process of the literal fusion of our Light, of our consciousness, in our spiritual Hearts.

       The path takes us from our Hearts, through the hologram of the Sun, upward and out of the solar system, and eventually back to the heart of the galaxy—the GC. This is the esoteric meaning of so many mythologies throughout history, not the least of which was the Greek myth of Chiron, who, at the end of the story, is immortalized in the constellation of Sagittarius. I’ll come back to mythology later.

       Notice the place of the Sun on this journey. The Sun is truly our Guiding Light in more ways than one. More on this later, too…

Pluto as Catalyst

       Pluto’s part in this astro-spiritual drama will be as always: as a catalyst for breaking down old and outmoded paradigms that have outlived their usefulness. This breakdown is necessary preparation for the birth of new paradigms that are not only closer to ultimate Truth—the GC’s main theme—but that are more appropriate to the general level of consciousness of the planet as it stands in the 21st century and beyond.

Key Words: Energy and Fusion

       Getting into the details of our exploration now, let me define two keywords that, I believe, encapsulate the main themes of this transit event:

       Energy and fusion. And I take these words both physically and metaphysically. Keep these words in mind as we proceed: energy and fusion.

       Regarding energy, which is synonymous in this new paradigm with Light, with Spirit, and with consciousness, Pluto is all about the transformation of energy and the transformation of consciousness—the movement from lower, more polarized quantums of energy/consciousness into higher, more unified quantums of energy/consciousness.

       Transformation processes, though, often release astronomical quantities of chaotic energy, such as in supernovas and in nuclear bombs. Other times, though, the transformation and resultant energy output is steady, continuous, and ordered, such as in the output of the Sun’s solar fusion or in controlled fusion experiments.

       Regarding fusion, such as happens in the centers of stars, in the centers of galaxies, in black holes, and, metaphysically, within the human organism during the evolution of consciousness, this is the main theme of the Galactic Center, holographically mirrored in the Sun, holographically mirrored in human fusion experiments, and I’m not talking about spontaneous human combustion! and, as we’ll see in what follows, holographically mirrored in our energetic/spiritual Hearts.

       In the brightness of the Light created by fusion, we might be dazzled by the glare and so miss or ignore the evolution that’s going on inside the process, for example, the evolution of elements up the periodic table in stars. It’s even more difficult, perhaps, to see how seemingly destructive forces such as black holes and supernovas could possibly represent simultaneous evolution; psychologically, this is Pluto’s challenge during this transit event. At any rate, there’s growing scientific evidence to support the idea of evolution within outwardly destructive processes.

       Similarly, the evolution of consciousness—also a fusion process, as we’ll see—is often hidden from unseeing eyes—eyes that are otherwise dazzled by the flashing lights of modern entertainment or by the empty lights of public figures who have risen upon the global stage.

       Energy and fusion… keep these words in mind as we explore the meeting of scientific revolution and spiritual revolution and their linking factor, Light, taken in its broadest physical, energetic, and metaphysical senses.

The Evidence, Ideas, and Theories Behind Pluto’s transit conjunction of the GC

Dates of The Event

       The dates of the transiting conjunction of Pluto and the GC in Sagittarius are as follows:

·         Dec 29-30 2006 (GMT) – GC 26Sag55 57, Pluto 26Sag55 03 – 26Sag57 15
Exact: Dec 29 9:49am (GMT) (direct)

·         July 17-18 2007 (GMT) – GC 26Sag56 25, Pluto 26Sag57 15 – 26Sag55 54 Exact: July 17 2:39pm (GMT) (retrograde)

·         Oct 26-27 2007 (GMT) – GC 26Sag56 39, Pluto 26Sag54 35 – 26Sag56 03
Exact: Oct 27 2007 9:41am (GMT) (direct)

       I’ll leave you to work out the stations.

       The average declination of Pluto for these three meetings is -16 38 (-16 32, -16 27, -16 56)

       The declination of the GC in each case is about -28 56, this being outside the 23.5-degree band of the zodiac.

       My calculations are based on information readily available at

       So, given the above, we’re talking about a conjunction of Pluto and the GC, but not a parallel of declination or an occultation.[3] By the end of this lecture series, you might be tempted to say, “just as well!”

       When considering these dates, remember that they represent “seed events,” representing potentials that will unfold and manifest over a long period, with the manifested themes having an even longer lifetime.

       The last time Pluto transited the GC was in 1759. Those of you who are interested in the events and themes of this previous conjunction can research it at their leisure. However, I suggest that you won’t find anything particularly Earth-shattering. One reason for this, and what’s most important here, is that the current transiting conjunction is the first one that has occurred since Pluto was discovered in 1930.[4] And the first one since modern astronomers have had conceptions of galaxies, quasars, and black holes.

       As always, such astronomical discoveries and breakthroughs go hand in hand with humanity’s evolution of consciousness in all areas. Since Pluto’s discovery in 1930, the pace of new discoveries that have directly affected how we see ourselves and the world around us has accelerated exponentially. Not the least of these discoveries, and one that has a direct bearing on our topic today, was the discovery in the late 1930s that the fusion of hydrogen nuclei to form deuterium releases energy. This paved a way to an understanding of the processes that happen at the heart of stars, which, in turn, birthed the idea of maybe using thermonuclear fusion as an energy source.[5] We’ll explore the spiritual parallels to this in what follows.

       As part of Pluto’s challenge to expand our conception of the universe, our lives, and ourselves, I believe we need to expand our conception of astrology beyond just planets, zodiac signs, and houses. Moreover, we need also to expand our area of study, research, and conjecture outside astrology. Again, this is what this transiting conjunction offers us and is what we’re dealing with today.

What Does Pluto Mean?

       So, what does Pluto mean? Among other things, Pluto is the planet of death, transformation, and rebirth. A fitting symbol for Pluto is the phoenix that sets itself alight, burns to ashes, and is then reborn from the ashes. The one word or concept that includes all three of these themes is evolution. For evolution to take place, something must die as something else is being born. I’ll add to this that transformation in relation to evolution—including the evolution of consciousness—always involves some kind of fusion. I’ll elaborate on this in what follows.

       Pluto’s other themes include sexuality, which, in itself, also involves a kind of fusion, the most obvious example being the fusion of a sperm and ovum and the resultant birth of a child. The death involved in this fusion is less obvious. To understand what this death is and where it occurs, we need to understand the nature of sperm and ova as end products of a certain octave of evolution within the human organism and how this relates to our potential for the evolution of consciousness. However, this topic goes beyond the scope of our discussions today.

       Suffice to say that, in the act of sex, whatever the form, and in the acts of childbirth, childbearing, and child-rearing, there’s a definite loss of potential evolution of consciousness. So, parents, you’re right… kids ruin your lives and certainly take more than they give! Fortunately, nature has organized it that the “factory” of the human organism will continue to manufacture, process, and renew both the energetic and physical substances required for the evolution of consciousness within us. What we do or don’t do with these substances is another question—a question I’ll leave for the National Enquirer to answer!

       If Pluto is about transformation and evolution, then Pluto must also be about energy. Because transformation and evolution, taken in the broadest sense, are about raising frequencies—ultimately, about returning matter to energy, which is, again, a fusion process.

       The effect of Pluto on the collective consciousness is twofold. It forces a parting of the ways. For those who are ready to let go of old forms and outmoded paradigms, transformation, fusion, and new birth become possible. However, the process of letting go may appear to others as destructiveness, bridge-burning, tunnel-vision, and/or extremism, among other things. Pluto has no compassion when the word is used to mean sympathy, tolerance, and/or compromise.

       Conversely, those who are not ready for the transformation Pluto so forcefully brings to us and are not ready to let go of old forms and paradigms—to let them die—the results can be resistance, stubbornness, anger, conflict, violence, fundamentalism, and inflexibility, among other things—all the elements of war. Such wars can be either internal within the individual or external between people. Moreover, Pluto more often than not takes no account of people’s resistance or readiness, meting out its just rewards with the delicacy and compassion of a drill sergeant.

       Either way, ready or not, Pluto reminds us that we’re just pawns in a larger game—in a larger movement of consciousness. Even global rulers who think they hold the reins of populations and steer the globe are still but minions and puppets to the larger forces of creation and evolution.

       Despite this—or, rather, as part of this larger picture—we each have a choice. We each have the capacity to choose how we’ll react—how we’ll work with or against the larger movements of the collective consciousness. Pluto challenges us to transcend the current consensus reality; it challenges us to see wider perspectives, to detach from small concerns and comforts, to detach from forms, and to cast off the chains of our conditioning, habits, and lower emotions; it challenges us to step closer to the Truth, Light, Love, and Oneness represented by the GC.

       So, for the purposes of our exploration, we have six keywords for Pluto: death, transformation, evolution, fusion, energy, and rebirth.

What Does The GC Mean?

       The main themes of the GC are fusion, Truth with a capital “T,” Light with a capital “L,” Oneness with a capital “O,” and, dare I suggest, “Love” with a capital “L.”

       Energy is naturally a theme, too, as is evolution, given that the fusion that occurs in the centers of galaxies—in their central black holes—is the ultimate evolution of matter back into energy, in accordance with Einstein’s famous equation e=mc2.

       As far as Truth, Light, Love, and Oneness being themes of the GC, I’ll give supporting evidence for this in what follows—evidence from mythology, astrophysics, and metaphysics. Suffice to say at this point, it’s no accident that the zodiac sign of Sagittarius lies across the GC and that Sagittarius’s main themes include truth, inspiration, spirituality and religions, and the expansion of consciousness through education and philosophy.

What Does Sagittarius Mean?

       Apart from encompassing these themes, Sagittarius is also about broad vision, enthusiasm, optimism, seeking goals, adventure, and foreign countries, recklessness, lack of restraint, lack of tact, bombast, unrealistic goals, extremism, fundamentalism, intolerance, philosophical and religious arrogance, hyperbole, exaggeration, naïve or blind optimism, and so forth.

       Put Pluto into Sagittarius and we only have to look at the world around us to see evidence of these themes, particularly the negative ones.

What Does the Transit Conjunction Mean?

       Keeping the preceding themes and keywords in mind, and coming back to where we began today, the transiting conjunction of Pluto and the GC in Sagittarius is about a metafluctuation—a global shift—of human consciousness. It’s about the death of the current consensus reality—the death of existing separatist paradigms of mechanistic science and animistic spirituality and all the social, political, religious, moral, ethical, physical, emotional, and intellectual values associated with these paradigms. And it’s about the birth of a new consensus reality, the nature of which we’ll now explore.

       Given Pluto’s influence and the influence of the transiting conjunction, what, practically speaking—events and circumstances in the real world—could possibly induce such a global shift? We’ll cover this in detail a little later.

       The astrological charts of the three “hits” of this transiting conjunction probably hold a great deal of valuable and interesting information. However, I’m going to leave this for others to explore. Today, I’m primarily concerned with the transit itself, its metaphysical meaning, and its possible effects on the planet as a “seed event” auguring a global shift of consciousness.

The Creation And Maintenance Of The Solar System.

       Let’s now further set the stage by exploring the astronomical creation and maintenance of the solar system. This will help us understand the place and context of both the GC and Pluto.

       Drawing on existing scientific evidence and theories, both mainstream and speculative, ancient metaphysics, and my own synthesis of these, the solar system was created from a quasar event that was the primordial “seed” of the galaxy. The creation-maintenance-destruction cycle of all galaxies—the Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva cosmogonic cycle, to use an ancient Vedic/Hindu conception—is encompassed in a galactic quasar-black hole cycle. Here’s a diagram:


Diagram 1.


image description


       The first thing we might notice is that we’re looking at a waveform. Everything in existence is energy manifesting as waves, whether it be oscillating sub-quark strings, electromagnetic energy, or ripples on a lake. Our galaxy currently lies about halfway between its quasar origin and its black hole demise.

       Part of the diagram might appear unfamiliar, even to those of you who have studied astrophysics and theories of galaxy formation. This diagram is based on what has been unceremoniously dubbed “The Cosmic Commode” theory.

       In short, galaxies begin their lives as quasars that seem to appear out of the nothingness of space, spewing out high-frequency energy, mostly in the form of gamma radiation, which gradually coalesces as matter in star formation. In this way, a galaxy comes into being. Over time, star formation peaks as the central quasar dies out. The densely-packed stars near the GC run their own cycles, ending up as white dwarfs, neutron stars, and black holes. All this matter and energy gradually migrates into the center of the galaxy, eventually forming a giant black hole. Over time, this black hole swallows the entire galaxy, a piece at a time, until it all virtually disappears down the cosmic commode without so much as a gurgle! In reality, it’s probably not as neat as that, but we won’t expand our metaphor any further in this direction. Suffice to say, from the visible light perspective, it looks as though the whole thing just fizzles out and dies.

       As far as what lies beyond the black hole or what preceded the quasar, let’s just say that when science finally figures this out, they’ll simultaneously answer the long standing question of why the quantity of matter in our universe appears to vastly outstrip the quantity of anti-matter.

       In short, in the galaxy stage in which we find ourselves, matter is dominant and anti-matter is recessive. Through the black hole, an anti-quasar is forming that will become an anti-galaxy in an anti-matter universe where the quantity of anti-matter far outstrips the quantity of matter—that is, in the anti-matter universe, anti-matter is dominant and matter is recessive.

       As the anti-matter galaxy decays, the anti-quasar dies out, and it forms an anti-black hole. Through the looking glass, so to speak—or, in accordance with the name of the theory, out of the commode like in some B-grade horror movie!—comes a new quasar in our matter-dominated universe. And so the cycle repeats. Total balance is maintained. The first law of thermodynamics is preserved, and the second law of thermodynamics—entropy—is shown to be only half of a larger cycle. It also solves the CP violation problem, for those of you who are into atomic physics.

       And to make matters more bizarre, the matter universe and the anti-matter universe are actually happening concurrently, because one is traveling forward in time and the other is traveling backward in time. And at the nodal points—quasar/anti-black hole and anti-quasar/black hole—time and space as we know it cease to exist.

The Cosmic Hologram

       Let’s rearrange the elements of this diagram differently…

Diagram 2.


image description


       As we can see, the “direction” of the process is the same, but the diagram now quite clearly indicates that the process is eternally cycling, forming an infinity loop. If we wanted to be entirely accurate, though, we would superimpose the lower loop upon the upper loop, but this would be a little more confusing as a diagram.

       Let’s now focus on the lower part of the diagram, because this is the part of the process that’s visible to us, more or less, and the part that’s most relevant to our topic today.

Diagram 3.


image description


       This diagram amounts to what’s been known since antiquity as the cosmogonic cycle. What we need to be aware of is that this macroscopic cycle is a hologram of a larger hologram and, as such, also contains innumerable holograms within it—cycles within cycles. Indulge me while I lay out some of the more important internal holograms—ones that are completely relevant to our exploration of the transiting conjunction of Pluto and the GC, as we’ll see.


Diagram 4.


image description


Diagram 5.


image description


Diagram 6.


image description


Diagram 7.


image description


       And as the songs goes, “And this brings us back to doh.” The creation and destruction of matter and antimatter in the microcosm of sub-atomic particles holographically mirrors the creation and destruction of matter and antimatter on a galactic level. Notice in this last diagram, though, that we don’t see the anti-matter side of the equation. This is happening simultaneously in the “top” part of our original infinity loop diagram.

       We don’t see this side of things in our everyday lives. This last point is worth remembering, because it relates directly to the psychology of the new paradigm that we’ll be exploring in a minute. In short, half of our life is initially hidden from us.

       Now, when we overlay all these diagrams, we get the cosmic hologram.

The Metaphysical Elements of the Cosmic Hologram

       If we overlay all these diagrams and then extract the common elements, we get the metaphysical skeleton key of creation and evolution that’s been known from antiquity as the cosmogonic cycle of the One and the Many. Here’s the diagram:

Diagram 8.


image description





       Now, if we take the entire cosmic hologram, from the macrocosm to microcosm, and lay it out linearly, as a descending journey of Light, as we perceive it from our time- and space-limited perspective, we get the following diagram:

The Cosmic Hologram as a journey of Light

Diagram 9.


image description


       Please remember that this scenario’s an approximation, but is nevertheless adequate for our purposes.

       Tracing the diagram, we see that the unified, pluri-potential, timeless, spaceless, omnipresent Light of the Source—that is, the primordial singularity point, as theorized by science—manifests innumerable quasar-black hole “seeds” within the nascent cosmic “nebula,” these “seeds” being the starting points for every galaxy. One of these “seeds”—our Milky Way galaxy core consciousness—then manifests innumerable solar system “seeds” within the nascent galactic nebula, these “seeds” being the starting points for solar systems such as ours. Then, the solar system “seed” of our particular solar system manifests a number of planet “seeds” within the nascent planetary nebula, these being the starting points for the planets we know. These planet “seeds” manifest the “seeds” of organic life, including what will later become humans, within the “nebula” of their nascent orbits. The “seeds” of what will eventually become humans on our planet Earth manifest the “seeds” of the fragmentation of consciousness—that is, innumerable psychological “personas,” so to speak.

       Put more simply, the “descending” journey of Light/consciousness from the primordial Source was from singularity to galaxy to solar system to planet to organic life to human life to human personality. We are truly the descendents of the primordial Light.

       The Big Bang theory is not so different from the preceding scenario except that it says that the Creation was crystallized out of the cooling embers of a primeval explosion of sorts, but with the same result in terms of the fragmentation and breakdown of unified or photonic Light into fragmented or fermionic Light. We’ll explore the physics of Light in a moment.

       Despite the attractiveness, logic, and reasoning behind such linear presentations, and quite aside from the inconsistencies, contradictions, and holes in the Big Bang theory, when we take into account the creation and destruction of time and space itself—as happens in the centers of stars to a minor degree and in the centers of black holes to a great degree—and carry these to their logical conclusions,

we begin to realize that any linear explanation is only a metaphor, an approximation of what is, in Truth, a giant hologram, eternally being born, dying, and being renewed on all levels of the hologram simultaneously, cycles within cycles within cycles.

       Within the hologram, and being conceived before the creation of time and space in the primordial singularity, the “seeds” or energetic nodal points on each holographic “level” are not only linked, but co-exist non-locally and eternally, beyond time and space as we know it.

       As the whole of the manifested cosmos begins to evolve from these “seeds”—from these nodal points—the “seeds” in themselves also become manifest as the hubs of their respective domains, consisting of quasar-black hole on the galactic level, the Sun on the solar level, and the spiritual Heart on the human level, among others such hubs. From this perspective, each of us is potentially and simultaneously, human consciousness, solar consciousness, galactic consciousness, and the consciousness of the Absolute.

       This one idea—that we are energetically, non-locally, and eternally linked in our spiritual/energetic Hearts to the Galactic Center via the Sun—makes this whole discussion relevant to our main topic of the Pluto/GC transit. It makes possible the evolution of consciousness. The place of Pluto and the other planets in relation to the Sun in this holographic picture will become clearer as we proceed.

Energy/Mass and Spirit/Matter

       Now, if it looks like I’ve made an unjustified leap from energetic physics-based processes to a consciousness-based, even spiritual-metaphysical process, the new paradigm doesn’t make a distinction between these two sides and views them holographically as one and the same. But for the sake of clarity, and to justify my position, let me backtrack for a moment.

       What’s energy?

       It’s the thing that makes things move, or heat up, or change state. OK… So, what’s that thing? Encyclopedia Britannica tells us that energy is “the capacity for doing work.” OK… So, what’s “capacity,” taken on its own?

       If we look at the roots of the word “energy,” we get en, meaning “in,”, “within,” “of itself,” or “Being,” plus erg, meaning “work” or “force.” Taken together, we get a force that is contained within, that is innate, that is. Within what? Innate in what? Things that move, heat up, or change state. But what makes them move, heat up, or change state? Energy.

       If you get the feeling that we’re running around in circles, you’re not alone. Let me explode a common myth: no one, not even scientists when pressed on the point, knows what energy is in itself. We all know what it does and how it acts in relation to the material world around us. We call this kinetic energy. Its essence is movement. We even have a name for energy when it’s within a thing, but where the thing doesn’t necessarily move, heat up, or change state: potential energy. Its essence is stillness. But having a name for a thing doesn’t mean we actually know what it is.

       Energy is intangible, ultimately indefinable, and describes some kind of innate moving force or potential in a certain direction or with certain potentially expressible attributes. In a sense, energy is the unmoving mover, the hidden source of all that exists in our everyday material world. Science would agree, providing the terminology doesn’t get too metaphysical or religious.

       There are different orders of energy—different levels, frequencies, and potentials. The energy of the primordial Source/singularity was the be-all and end-all of potential energy. In contrast, each aspect of the Creation around us, including each one of us, represents a piece—a kinetic expression—of that primordial, potential energy.

       Now ask a religious person to define Spirit. Interestingly, you’ll get pretty much the same answers, but stated in spiritual and metaphysical terminology—from the omnipresent, unknowable, ineffable, unmoving mover of the Source/God to the hierarchy of Spirit to the God-spark that resides in all things, including each one of us.

       Moreover, science and spirituality/religion have a common aim: spirituality/religion is looking for, and looking to, the spiritual Source of Creation, such as a theologized God, where science is looking for, and looking to, the energetic Source of the Universe, such as a theorized pre-Big Bang singularity. Different terminology; same thing.

       Interestingly, science and spirituality/religion also use the same word, “Light.” The Light of Spirit; the Light of energy. Scientific use of the word Light with a capital “L” means, effectively, all energy in the universe, from the lowest to the highest frequencies.

       When pointing out these parallels, I have spiritual/religious people say to me that it somehow diminishes the conception of God and Spirit; and I have scientific people say to me that it’s certainly not what they mean when they say “singularity,” “energy,” or “Light.” As far as I’m concerned, though, it neither diminishes either side nor encroaches upon either side’s sacred ground. Quite the opposite, it expands our conception of existence by bringing together science and spirituality/religion. It does nothing to destroy the essential Mystery of existence that neither science nor spirituality/religion can touch.

       Now… What’s matter?

       Coming back to our trusty Encyclopedia Britannica, we find the definition: Matter – the substance of which a physical object is composed : material substance that occupies space, has mass, and is composed predominantly of atoms consisting of protons, neutrons, and electrons, that constitutes the observable universe, and that is interconvertible with energy.

       What are protons, neutrons, and electrons? Or, for that matter, any other sub-atomic particles of which atoms are composed? On one side of the coin, science calls them “particles,” because, when observed in a certain way, they act like macroscopic objects such as bullets. But on the other side of the coin, the same “particles” are regarded as intangible “waves” of energy, because, when observed in a different way, they act like macroscopic “waves” such as the waves on an ocean.

       String theory goes one step further. It says that all sub-atomic particle/waves are actually vibrating strings. Strings of what? Strings of energy. Kinetic energy.

       Who or what is making the strings vibrate? Don’t know. Neither do scientists.

       Cutting to the chase, after Einstein released his famous equation, e=mc2, which says that matter can be converted into energy and energy can be converted into matter, and after really examining the implications of the Big Bang theory, despite its flaws, and the nature of the manifested universe, science admits that matter is, in fact, a form of kinetic energy, energy slower in frequency than what we generally regard as pure energy.

       It’s a kind of “frozen” or “condensed” energy”—“frozen” or “condensed” Light.

       Given the preceding, is it unreasonable to pronounce the following statements?

1)      The energy or Light with a capital “L” of science is the same thing as the Spirit and Light of spirituality/religion. Light/energy is the linking factor. Everything is Light, whether material mass or energy, whether metaphysical Matter or Spirit. Light is the linking factor, physically and metaphysically.

2)      The scientific creation of the universe, meaning the ultimate potential energy singularity breaking down or “descending” into a hierarchy of frequencies of kinetic energy, some of which we call matter, is the same thing as the spiritual/religious Creation of the world, meaning the Light of the Absolute Source/God descending into a hierarchy of Spirit and the material (natural) world around us. Again, Light/energy is the linking factor.

       I realize that there are going to be some people who are going to be really pissed at these statements. How dare science intrude upon spirituality/religion’s sacred ground! And how dare spirituality/religion presume to take science’s words and concepts and use them to support their unscientific premises! (Forgetting, of course, the revisionism that occurred at the beginning of the so-called Age of Reason!)

       In this one issue, we can perhaps begin to see the potential volatility of the transiting conjunction of Pluto and the GC in Sagittarius, particularly when it’s acted out on a global stage.

Light and Consciousness

       So, what about consciousness? I’ve used the word many times already within the context of the creation and evolution of the universe. Encyclopedia Britannica states that consciousness is the quality or state of being aware of something within oneself or external to oneself. Alternatively, the “state of being” characterized by sensation, emotion, volition, and thought.

       Without getting into a long metaphysical discussion here, it’s fair to say that consciousness is one of those concepts, like energy, that we understand very little about. We know what it feels like, we can see the results of it through brain-scans or in the actions and reactions of living creatures, and we insist that we possess it, but when it comes to the crunch, we have little idea of what consciousness is in itself.

       Permit me to make a leap here: consciousness is energy. Consciousness is Light. Consciousness is Spirit. Consciousness acts upon the world and causes the world to move.

       The Creation of the universe was the descent of consciousness as Light/energy from total Consciousness with a capital “C” to fragments of consciousness that we call matter, including each one of us. Certain physicists would agree with this, David Bohm being one. Evolution of the universe is the ascent of consciousness as Light/energy from fragmentary matter back to the total Consciousness of the singularity/Source/Absolute, as in our diagrams of galactic creation, maintenance, and destruction/evolution.

       As Light is hierarchical in terms of frequency or vibration—it covers a spectrum from low to high frequencies—and energy is hierarchical in terms of frequency, so consciousness is hierarchical in terms of frequency. Greater frequency equals greater consciousness; lesser frequency equals lesser consciousness. From this perspective, rocks are less conscious than humans are, and the Sun is more conscious than humans are. Think back to our previous diagrams and discussions.

The Living Picture

       Given the preceding, the entire universe as Light/energy/consciousness—the whole shebang… galaxy, solar system, Sun, planets, Earth, humans, animals, inanimate matter—is living. In this context—in this new paradigm—everything, whether traditionally animate or inanimate, is alive by the fact that everything contains, is made up of, and is moved by, energy/Light/Spirit/consciousness. Without energy/Light/Spirit/consciousness, nothing would exist.

       Energy, Light, Spirit, and consciousness are all synonymous with each other. They are different faces of the same thing—different faces of the indefinable Mystery of existence.  

       Given everything we’ve discussed now, we can make the broad statement that our journey through the cosmos, individually and collectively, is a living journey of energy/Light/Spirit/consciousness through the cosmic hologram.

Astronomical Evolution of Light in the Sun and in the GC

       We’ve used the word “evolution” now many times, but need to clarify it more. If the “descending” journey of Light/consciousness—in total, the Creation—is a journey of fragmentation, of diffusion, of multiplication from the primordial Unity and Oneness into Manyness, a process that I’ll elaborate further when we explore the physics of Light in a moment, then the reverse journey—the ascent, the Return, evolution—must be the reverse process, that is, the process of the Many returning to the One.

       Where can we see such processes? Well, in the GC and in the Sun, to name two places. Going back to some of our previous diagrams, we’ll notice that, in the “upward” evolutionary sweep of the galaxy’s cosmogonic cycle, stars and all the matter of the galaxy are gradually “digested” and become increasingly unified within the black hole of the GC, increasing in potential energy—as opposed to kinetic energy—to virtual infinity at the center.

       Similarly, in the “upward” evolutionary sweep of the solar system, the planets and all the matter of the solar system are gradually “digested” in the Sun. In the process, the Sun eventually becomes so massive and dense, that separate atoms of matter literally collapse into neutrons, the many sub-atomic particles becoming ever more unified as they attempt to return to the primordial Source/Unity.

       Similarly, we can see evolution—the evolution of Light/consciousness—taking place in the human spiritual Heart. I’ll elaborate on this shortly.

       We might have noticed that the lines between what we call “destruction” and “evolution” are somewhat blurred. The fact is, during the evolution of energy/Light/Spirit/consciousness, matter is destroyed.

       If this bothers some of us, consider where the evolution of the human species appears to be leading us, particularly since the birth of the Electronics and Information Ages. We’re increasingly moving from a physical way of life to an electronic way of life; we’re becoming more energy-oriented.

       And what’s information? According to physics, information is the ordering of energy. In computers, we seek to put ever more information—ever more order—into smaller spaces, and we’re now even looking at how we can store as much information as possible within atomic states… atomic states of energy, such as those that lie within atoms and photons.

       In short, as we move from the physical world into the energetic world, we’re required to pack more energy—more order and more information—into smaller, higher frequencies spaces. Moreover, we’re actually trying to put our consciousness into electronic format. The natural evolution of consciousness of the human species will be to move away from physical forms, into electronic forms, into quantum forms, and so forth. Eventually, we’ll give away our bodies and exist as pure energetic consciousness. Such possibilities are explored by such physicists as Fred Hoyle, Freeman Dyson, and William Tiller.

       Given what we’ve said about scientific energy/Light and spiritual/religious Spirit/Light being one and the same, isn’t this what religions say, too? That we’re destined to leave behind the life of the natural body and ascend into a spiritual body?

       Of course, the body is afraid of dying, and we tend to identify with the body and our material existence first and foremost. So, the destruction of matter seems like a terrifying prospect. However, the destruction of matter can be chaotic, or it can be ordered. Take the preceding example of putting human consciousness into electronic/energetic form as an example of the latter.

       Where the destruction of matter is chaotic, the whole process recycles in cosmogonic cycles within larger cosmogonic cycles—“reincarnation,” in a manner of speaking. Where the destruction of matter is ordered—that is, toward greater unity and consciousness—we have the process of evolution through new birth into a higher quantum of existence, into a higher frequency or vibration of energy/Light/Spirit/consciousness.

       A stellar supernova event is a perfect example of this. When a star has “spent” all it fuel and “digested” all of the matter in its solar system, including the planets, it collapses upon itself. The resulting explosion casts off a great amount of debris—disordered destruction. This debris eventually gets recycled in future star formation. What’s not cast off from the supernova becomes tightly packed into a white dwarf, a neutron star, or a black hole—ordered destruction/evolution of matter and low-frequency energy into higher-frequency, highly ordered energy.

Metaphysical Evolution of Light/consciousness in the Heart, Sun, and GC

       The evolution or ascent of Light/consciousness—i.e. the ordered destruction of matter, mirroring the raising of consciousness—takes place via what were initially the “seeds” of each holographic level of the cosmic hologram. As previously indicated, these “seeds” or “nodes” become the hubs of their respective holographic domains of creation, manifesting, among other things as the black hole GC and the Sun. One of the other “hubs” mentioned is the human spiritual Heart.

       The evolution or ascent of human Light/consciousness occurs by bringing our fragmented “personas”—i.e. the material stuff of our emotional/mental lives, which is holographically mirrored by the planets of the solar system—into greater unity in the fusion vessel of the human organism.

       That fusion vessel is the spiritual Heart, which perfectly and holographically mirrors the fusion point in the Sun and, further up the hologram, the fusion point in the GC.

       The psychological process of bringing our fragmented “personas” into greater unity consists of none other than the resolution, dissolution, reconciliation, and transformation—collectively called the “collapsing,” which is a physics term—of the issues, themes, and traits represented by the planets. In this, we can see the true meaning and power of astrology.

       Recall that the “seeds”/nodes/hubs of each holographic level of the cosmic hologram are eternally and non-locally connected, beyond time and space as we know it.

       Given this, as we “collapse” the human hologram of issues, themes, and traits, and, in this way, focus our Light/consciousness in the spiritual Heart, we are holographically and non-locally connecting to the focused Light/consciousness of the Sun, the focused Light/consciousness of the GC, and the focused Light/consciousness of the Source/Absolute.

       I’ll elaborate on the physics and metaphysics of this psychological process in a moment.


       By the way, there’s another name for this kind of focused energetic consciousness and that’s “Love” with a capital “L,” in the unconditional sense of the word, as opposed to the conditional love represented by fragmented material Light/consciousness. I’ll support this assertion in what follows.


       Another attribute of this kind of focused consciousness brings the bacon home in terms of the relevance of the upcoming transiting conjunction.

That attribute is Truth with a capital “T,” as opposed to the half-truth, illusions, misperceptions, lies, judgments, blame, and other one-sided emotional states associated with fragmented materially oriented Light/consciousness. Again, I’ll support this broad assertion in a moment when we look at psychology in relation to the physics of Light.

Bringing it Back to the Transiting Conjunction of Pluto and the GC

       As a whole, the evolution of Light/consciousness within the preceding hubs or nodal points of focus results in greater Truth, Light, Love, and Oneness, closer to the Truth, Light, Love, and Oneness of the GC and, further up the hologram, of the primordial Source/Absolute.

       Given this, if Pluto is the planet of transformation and evolution of consciousness, and the GC is about Truth and greater Unity, and we’re interested in the evolution of consciousness, in Truth, Light, Love, and Oneness, then we should be very interested in the transiting conjunction of Pluto and the GC, which is our main theme today.

The Place of Extreme Planets Such as Pluto

       Before moving on to our next topic, which is the quantum physics of Light and how this is psychologically mirrored in each one of us, let’s take a closer look at Pluto and its place in the larger astronomical and metaphysical picture.

       The solar system was formed from a Ray of Light spiraling out of the quasar-center of the galaxy, which eventually coalesced as the planets and Sun. The next series of diagrams shows the process, illustrates the important aspects of the process, and shows how this all results in specific planetary attributes.


Diagram 10.


image description


Diagram 11.


image description


Diagram 12.


image description


Diagram 13.


image description


Diagram 14.


image description


Diagram 15.


image description


(Copyright © and courtesy of Dr. John Demartini)

       Note: the Ray of Creation spirals in from the outside to the center, via Saturn, then spirals out from the center to the outside, via the Sun, re-collecting the pieces (the planets) on the way, and returning to the Unity of the GC.

Diagram 16.


image description


Diagram 17.


image description


       Considering the preceding diagrams, I suggest the following:

1)      Each planet’s orbit is colored by the main star constellations through which its originating Ray passes, giving each planet its basic themes.

2)      The wider the orbit of a planet, the more diffused, fragmented, or polarized is the Light of the originating Ray, and, in the mirror, so to speak, so is the planet’s consciousness, its issues, and its themes.

3)      The more elliptical a planet’s orbit is, the more extreme are the expressions of its basic themes.

4)      The more tipped to the plane of the ecliptic a planet’s orbit is, again, the more extreme are the expressions of its basic themes. Moreover, the more likely it is that the planet’s perspectives originate outside the main Ray of our solar system, thereby offering alternative and useful perspectives on the solar system’s journey of evolution of consciousness.

       Given the preceding, Pluto and Chiron—representing outer planets and comets, respectively—represent the solar system’s most extreme expressions as well as potentially offering us extremely broad (extra-solar) perspectives.

       Considering the way the Ray of Creation spirals in on the descending journey and spirals out on the ascending journey (as in diagram 15.), the outer planets offer the greatest challenges. They challenge us to “collapse”—i.e. resolve, dissolve, heal, and transform—not only their own themes, issues, and polarities, but those of all the inner planets that lies within their wide orbits.

       Moreover, the outer planets, such as Chiron and Pluto, encompass expanded time frames—ever larger perspectives—not only because of their orbital periods, as we know from traditional astrology, but because of the “collapsing” of time and space required to work through their themes and issues and come into the central focus of the relatively timeless and spaceless Sun (which is holographically mirrored in the greater timelessness and spacelessness of the solar magnetopause—the boundary of the solar system—and, further “up” the hologram, of the GC).

       In this way, Pluto challenges us to bring together increasingly wide tracts of time and space—past, present, and future, here, near, and far—and to see the larger picture, the greater Truth, the greater Oneness, that contains our lives. It short, Pluto is challenging us to see the larger hologram of which the solar system and our lives are but a reflection. The next largest hologram is the hologram of the galaxy, centered in the black hole GC.

       So, again, we come back to the importance of our main topic. The transiting conjunction of Pluto and the GC will necessary amplify the power, effect, and urgency of our evolutionary journey of consciousness.

The Quantum Physics of Light and Psychology

       To further support our case and to enable us to understand further the themes at hand, let’s look at the physics of Light, after which we’ll see how this directly relates to the psychology of our possible evolution of consciousness, as catalyzed by Pluto during this transiting conjunction.

       We’re told that Light is electromagnetic energy in the form of waves propagating through space. We’re also told that Light can act either as particles or as waves, depending on how we choose to observe it. The particle paradigm is initially most useful to our understanding.

       The basic particle of Light is a photon, which is a part of a class of particles called bosons. Bosons are considered “force particles. They are “particles” of potential energy, unpolarized, undivided, chargeless, massless, spaceless, timeless, and, in effect, occupying both sides of the matter and anti-matter world simultaneously. They travel at the speed of light, although their frequencies can vary.

       Putting this into more or less practical terms that we can more easily imagine, if we were to accelerate ourselves to the speed of light and become a photon, which, according to Einstein’s famous equation e=mc2, would mean converting the entire mass of the universe into energy, we would find ourselves simultaneously occupying every point in the universe and every point in time. We would be omnipresent, relatively speaking. We would also find ourselves simultaneously in the matter universe and the anti-matter universe. In addition, we would be at One with every other particle in existence.

       This would be the state of the singularity/Source/Absolute. In spiritual terms, we’re talking about total enlightenment. Notice the word “en-lighten­-ment.” This is no accident.

       Now, in particle physics, when a photon of Light collides with a pre-existing electromagnetic field or, in the particle paradigm, with another particle, it can split or, to use the physics word, decay, into secondary particles. For example, a photon can split into an electron and a positron.

       Such secondary particles are collectively called fermions. Unlike bosons (such as photons), fermions are particles of kinetic energy, polarized, divided, having charge and mass, occupying space and time, and, in effect, occupying one or the other side of the matter and anti-matter worlds. For example, in the case of an electron and a positron decayed from a photon, the electron occupies our visible matter universe, whereas the positron occupies the invisible anti-matter universe.

       Here’s a diagram showing what we’ve just learned:


Diagram 18.


image description


       As we can see from the diagram, this process and its continuation in further levels of decay (tertiary, quaternary, etc.) is the basis for the creation of the visible material universe.

       Here’s the metaphysical correlation:


Diagram 19.


image description


       And here’s the psychological correlation:


Diagram 20.


image description


       Basically, the fragments of human consciousness—personas, consisting of visible and expressed polarized emotions, thoughts, judgments, half-truths, lies, illusions, beliefs, biases, resentments, infatuations, elations, depressions, conditions, and expectations—are all fermion particles of matter/Light.

       But for every visible and expressed persona, there exists a hidden and repressed, complementary opposite anti-persona within our subconscious. These anti-personas—fermion particles of anti-Matter/Light—represent the balancing sides of our visible and expressed personas. They represent the other side of coin, the other pieces of the puzzle, the other parts of the Bigger Picture.

       Although I don’t have time today to elaborate this particular topic, let me say that this is not a mere analogy between psychology and the physics of Light. Our psychology is the physics of Light.

       The reverse process is called the “collapse,” where fermions, such as a positron (which is anti-matter) and an electron (which is matter), collide. When they collide, they annihilate each other, and, in a flash of energy, they birth a new uncharged particle: a boson, such as a photon, for example. Here’s the diagram:


Diagram 21.


image description


       Here’s the hologram of this on the solar system level:


Diagram 22.


image description


       Here’s the hologram of this on the galactic level:


Diagram 23.


image description


       And here’s the correlation of this, psychologically:


Diagram 24.


image description


       So, when our fermionic fragments of human consciousness—personas, consisting of visible and expressed polarized emotions, thoughts, judgments, half-truths, lies, illusions, beliefs, biases, resentments, infatuations, elations, depressions, conditions, and expectations—are rejoined with each of their complementary opposite hidden and repressed fermion particles of anti-matter/Light—our anti-personas—they become photons of relatively unified Light/consciousness, lesser in number, but greater in consciousness, closer to the Truth, Light, Love, and Oneness of the Source/Absolute.

       This is Healing. This is the evolution of consciousness. This is the Holy Grail, the Philosopher’s Stone, the Alchemist’s gold, the Path to Enlightenment, call it what you will. This one concept, if taken to its logical conclusion and given practical application, has the power to change the face of modern psychology.

       And let me say again that this is no mere analogy. Our psychology is the physics of Light.

The Creation of Time and Space

       Keeping all the preceding diagrams in mind, when a photon—i.e. relatively unified Light/consciousness—splits into two fermions—i.e. relatively fragmented Light/consciousness—it effectively creates time and space in the process. The electron/matter/visible side moves forward in time, whereas the positron/anti-matter/invisible side moves backward in time. Recall our first diagram laying out galaxy creation, maintenance, and destruction. And remember that both sides—matter universe and anti-matter universe—are going on simultaneously.

       Conversely, when the electron/matter/visible side meets the positron/anti-matter/invisible side, time and space are dissolved, and the resultant photon returns to timelessness, spacelessness, and omnipresence, including both past and future in the eternal Present.

       Consider what this means in terms of our perceptions of things—in terms of how we initially see the world around us. Every time we have a perception—see things through the dualistic filters of the physical senses—we divide the Truth of what is into a visible side, being how we consciously see and judge an event or circumstance in the first instance, and an invisible side, being the unconscious aspects of the event or circumstances that we don’t see at first.

       Moreover, in the process, we create the past in the form of memory and guilt and the future in the form of projections of the past in imagination and fear. In short, we create the illusions of time and space and of cause and effect through the act of perception. Some quantum physicists would agree with this.

       If this seems far-fetched, ask the questions: “Where is the past?” and “Where is the future?” If we really ponder these questions, we’ll realize that neither past nor future have any existence at all except inside us. Past and future are our interpretations of our internal construct of the world. Neurologists are beginning to believe this, too.

       Quantum physics tends to agree, too. Some theoretical physicists consider the entire universe as co-existing in a simultaneous and eternal Present, with the passage of time that we perceive being like a sliding window that slides across this timeless, spaceless tapestry. (Like this SLIDE.) From this perspective, there’s no cause and effect. The universe simply Is.

       We could go on with the metaphysics of this, but our time is limited, and we don’t want to stray too far from our main topic today.

Time, Space, and Scale of the Solar System

       Given the preceding, let’s talk about time, space, and scale in relation to our journey as Light/consciousness through the astronomical hologram.

       Our journey of evolution of consciousness consists of “collapsing” our visible expressed personas—our issues, wounds, illusions, lies, judgments, blame, and so forth—with their hidden repressed anti-personas in the fusion vessel of the human spiritual Heart. This is holographically mirrored in the “collapsing” of the “personas” of the solar system—i.e. the planets and all their issues, wounds, illusions, traits, attributes, and so forth—in the fusion vessel of the Sun. This is the basis of astrology, of course. This is further holographically mirrored in the “collapsing of the “personas” of the galaxy—i.e. the stars and all their issues, wounds, illusions, traits, attributes and so forth—in the fusion vessel of the GC.

       If each “collapse” or fusion at each level of the hologram is effectively compressing time and space into relative timelessness, spacelessness, and omnipresence, then each level of the hologram represents a different scale of time and space.

       The scales of space are perhaps self-evident, from microcosm to macrocosm. However, the scales of time are not so easily grasped.

       Put as simply as possible, when we “collapse” some of our persona/issues in the fusion vessel of the Heart, we’re effectively compressing some of our sense of time and space. If we carry on in this way, continuing the fusion process, continuing to evolve in consciousness, we approach relative timelessness and spacelessness in our experience.

       This state is what the ancients called enlightenment. This experience is not just a metaphor, but is an actual experience you and I can have, based on the physics of Light.

       Remembering that it’s all about perception, if we now take this enlightened state, which is holographically mirrored in the Sun, what was previously perceived as a lifetime on planet Earth would be perceived as perhaps a single day on the Sun. Moreover, the space between the Sun and the Earth, previously perceived as so many millions of miles on Earth, would, on the Sun, be perceived as perhaps only an arm’s length.

       Again, this is not fantasy or conjecture, but is based on the actual physics of Light. As the frequency of Light increases—as the speed of Light increases—according to Einstein’s relativity theory, to an outside observer, time slows down and space contracts. To us, traveling at the speed of light in consciousness, years pass as seconds, and distances decrease.

       As we continue to fuse our material, fermionic consciousness into greater spiritual, photonic consciousness, our perceptions of time and space increasingly contract, so that, at the galactic level, what was a lifetime on Earth and a day on the Sun might be but a second of perceived existence at the GC.

       Can we see the correlation with spiritual/metaphysical Unity? We increasingly realize that we’re not separate from others in time or in space. We are, ultimately, One. Seeing this or not seeing this is all a matter of perception, which, in turn, is a matter of consciousness, which in turn is a matter of the physics of Light.

Mythology of our Journey as Light/consciousness through the Cosmic Hologram

       Let’s change tack for moment and look at how ancient knowledge agrees with the science and metaphysics of what we’ve presented so far.

       Alongside parable, analogy, symbol, and metaphor, one of the ways the ancient sages communicated great Truths was through mythology, which in itself consists of a certain kind of parable, analogy, symbol, and metaphor.

       Drawing upon ancient knowledge and on modern syntheses of physical and metaphysical data such as this lecture presents, the new paradigm states that all mythologies are metaphysical metaphors for our astronomical journey through the cosmic hologram as Light/consciousness. They are all analogies of the particle decay—i.e. descending journey—and subsequent “collapse”—i.e. ascending journey—of Light, completely in line with the physics of Light we’ve explored already.

       Moreover, this completely explains the apparent contradictions, biological impossibilities, and confusions around certain genealogies in mythology. What’s biologically impossible, such as a person being simultaneously a brother and a nephew to the same person—as in the case of the Egyptian figure, Set, and his nephew/brother, Horus—is completely possible in the physics of Light.

       There’s not time to present as many mythologies as I’d like in order completely to convince you of these last statements; neither is this lecture the place to do it. However, let me give a broad overview and then point you in the direction of various mythologies from diverse places around the globe, which you can then explore at your leisure.

       First, though, let’s look at a diagram that summarizes the astronomical aspects of our journey as Light/consciousness through the local cosmos.


Diagram 25.


image description


        Now, here’s a hand-out that correlates some common mythological symbols and devices with the astronomical events and stages that are relevant to our main topic, noting that these handouts are far from exhaustive.

(Mythological Symbols and Devices Handout)


Handout Contents for Online Readers of this Lecture:

Universe in the beginning: Egg, darkness, primal sleep.

Galactic Center: Egg, darkness, primal sleep, sleeping or lonely Beings or couples.

Creation as the descent of Light: Rivers, streams, roots, breath, wind, arguments and battles between aspects of the primordial Unity, battles, slayings, successions, offspring of the primordial gods.

Galactic electromagnetic fields: oceans, generally.

Solar system’s electromagnetic fields: waters, lakes, ponds, mists, fogs, rain.

Solar magnetopause: lasso, noose, snake (eating its tail), offspring of the primordial gods, egg-sac, bubble.

Region just inside the boundary of the solar system (solar magnetopause): Garden of Eden, Nysian fields, Eleusis, bright-land-of-Vªtea (Polynesian), and many other names.

Sun and Sun consciousness: Various names of castles, houses, floating cities, chariots, mountain tops, created through various fantastic processes; and various personages being the Sun itself, or being associated with the Sun.

The dividing line between the regions “above” the Sun and the regions “below” the Sun: firmament, coconut shell, cloud bow, fence, gate, portal.

The region “below” the Sun, including the Earth realm: underworld, meaning “world under the Sun,” not some world under the Earth; world of darkness, world of dragons and other monsters, place of enemies, cave, cavern, base of a mountain, valley of darkness; specific names include underworld, Hades, Amenti, Hell, world of Maya, the “great below,” and so forth, inhabited by various kings and queens of the underworld who personify the attributes of the underworld.

The fragmentation of consciousness: dismemberment, scattering, falling, ladders going down, offspring and descendents of the gods, slayings, lost battles, kidnappings, rescue missions, defeat by various monsters.

The challenges, trials, tribulations, and pitfalls of living in the dualistic material realms (life on Earth): various monsters, tasks, challenges, rescue missions, battles.

The raising of consciousness: baking bread, fermenting wine, transmuting lead into gold, ripening of crops, winning of battles, success of rescue missions, accomplishment of tasks, successful quests, various treasures and riches, the Holy Grail, the Philosophers’ Stone, floods, spider’s web string, floating, flying, traveling upward in various vehicles, climbing mountains, upward ladders, rebirth from dismembered parts, resurrection, new growth from the soil, the winning of court cases and tests, and more.

Vehicles for the raising of consciousness through the realms: birds (such as the Christian dove), boats, chariots, spider web string, climbing mountains, floods, wind, breath.

The return to Sun consciousness: joining “parents” in lofty homes in the sky, joining various Sun gods in their vehicles, coming into the light and out of the darkness, immortalization after death and resurrection, resurrection in general.


       After taking the time to read this (at your leisure), you can then have a look at the following table of correlations between the astronomical aspects of our journey as Light/consciousness through the local cosmos and specific mythologies from around the world. Note that the following table is far from comprehensive, but is sufficient to prove the point we’re making here:

       All mythologies are analogies of Light—analogies for the astronomical journey of Light/consciousness. Analogies for our spiritual-astronomical journey—individually and collectively—through the cosmos.


(Table of Correlations Handout)


Table of Correlations for Online Readers of this Lecture:

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Mac users: Click to view, or hold control key and click to download.

       I’ll leave you to have a look at all this at your leisure. In the meantime, let’s have a look at some aspects of the Light/mythology connection that specifically relate to today’s topic.

Mythology of the Sun

       The Sun generally holds one of the most exalted places in most mythologies, although sometimes it’s symbolized by other things, such as gold, corn, wheat, and wine, the latter being Sun-ripened and/or Sun-baked. The Sun is the meeting place of higher consciousness and, being the holographic mirror of the GC, is the waystation on the way to the GC. The GC and the Sun are the hidden and manifested Logos, respectively.

       Astrologically speaking, the way to the Sun is by “collapsing” all the themes, traits, issues, and wounds of the planets, all the way to Pluto and beyond. The Sun is the fusion vessel. Psychologically, the way to the Sun is by “collapsing” all our own themes, traits, issues, and wounds, as mirrored in the planets. The human spiritual Heart is the fusion vessel, holographically mirrored in the Sun.

       This was the importance of the Sun in mythologies. And it all comes back to astronomy and the physics of Light.


       In most myths, there appear one or more heroes. Such heroes are the personifications of each one of us, describing our spiritual-metaphysical journey, trials, tribulations, successes, failures, and our eventual return to the greater Truth, Light, Love, and Oneness of the Sun and the GC. Again, our spiritual-metaphysical journey is reflected in the astronomical hologram and in the physics of Light.


       In some of the preceding diagrams and in the preceding table, we might notice the descent of (8th Ray) solar consciousness. Without getting too much into the metaphysics of this, these personages and mythic devices represent the periodic outpouring of high-frequency solar, galactic, and intra-galactic radiation, usually in the form of gamma rays. These rays, effectively, are highly ordered higher consciousness that periodically bathes the Earth and all of us, challenging us to evolve in consciousness beyond our current level.

       (Strictly speaking, gamma rays themselves do not reach the surface of the Earth; they’re deadly to physical life; however, their “descendent” particles do reach us.)

       The ancients also believed that such higher consciousness literally incarnated periodically in the form of highly evolved Avatars or Teachers or 8th Ray Beings for the specific purpose of enlightening humanity. Mythology and astrology were not the least of these Teachers’ creations and tools.

       The purpose of mentioning this is that, during this transiting conjunction and increasingly in the next 500 years, as we’ll see in what follows, the higher consciousness cosmic rays of the GC will be channeled through Pluto to the Earth.

Holograms of Hell

       As far as the mythology of Pluto, this was the Roman name for Hades, god of the underworld. In the handouts, we’ve defined the underworld as the realms “below” the Sun, including that of the Earth—the most dualistic, fragmented, diffused, polarized Light/consciousness of the solar system; this is “hell” in relation to the higher consciousness of the Sun and beyond.

       However, with planet Pluto occupying the outskirts of the solar system, way “above” the Sun, we necessarily have to question the significance of this apparent discrepancy.

       Calling upon our holographic paradigm, we can see that there’s a definite holographic relationship between the firmament of the Sun realm—the dividing line, so to speak, between the material and spiritual realms within the solar system—and the solar magnetopause, this latter dividing line being the line between the materialized realms of the entire solar system and the greater spiritual realms between this line and the GC.

       As it turns out, Hades/Pluto was also known as Zeus with the addition of certain special titles, e.g. chthonios. Zeus, as we know, was god of the gods, and, in our paradigm, ruler of the solar magnetopause and, holographically, of the Sun realm, among other things. Moreover, it was Tartarus, not Hades, who was originally considered to rule the lowest and darkest realm of death—the Earth realm. Tartarus later lost his distinctness and become virtually synonymous with Hades.

       If the Earth is hell from a solar perspective, then the solar system is hell from a galactic perspective—a realm of death when compared to galactic Light/consciousness and beyond; the solar system is the fragmentation, decay, diffusion of unified galactic Light/consciousness.

       However, the boundary of the solar system (the solar magnetopause), “guarded,” so to speak, by Pluto, is also a place of rebirth on the return journey to unified Light/consciousness. So, Pluto’s themes of death, transformation, and rebirth are affirmed, and its seemingly contradictory places in the astronomical and mythological worlds explained. We just have to remember that it’s all a hologram.

       Incidentally, the scattered debris (scattered Light/consciousness) of a supernova can also be considered a hologram of death—of hell—inasmuch as consciousness that doesn’t “make the grade,” so to speak, in the explosion and become part of the remaining white dwarf, neutron star, or black hole, will be forced to wait a seeming eternity in darkness and despair before once again becoming part of new star formation and thus being given another chance at the evolution of consciousness. This was the original and true meaning of Eternal Hell and Judgment Day in religions and mythologies.

The Human Hologram

       Now we come to the human hologram. The following diagram shows the human organism as a hologram of the astronomical/metaphysical hologram:


Diagram 26.


image description


       Given the above, we can make use of several different holographic levels of evolutionary “work” on ourselves to facilitate our evolution of consciousness:

       1) Attention to breath, which holographically mirrors the breaths of the Sun in its 11-year solar sunspot cycle. Breathwork is a kind of fusion, used in yogic practices, for example. It works with the diaphragm, which is the connection between the solar plexus and the heart plexus. The solar plexus—incorrectly named, by the way… should have been the lunar plexus—is the seat of the lower emotions and the Moon. The heart plexus—which should have been named the solar plexus—is the seat of unconditional emotion, of Love, and of the Sun.

       2) Attention (over time) to our own themes, traits, issues, and wounds, as mirrored in the planets and their themes, issues, traits, and wounds. This is the basis of astrology.

       3) Attention to revealing and understanding the Big Picture of our journey as Light/consciousness through the cosmos.

       All three levels are about fusing our fragmented, fermionic matter/consciousness, as mirrored in the solar plexus and in the neural network, into the greater unity of photonic spiritual /consciousness, as mirrored in the spiritual Heart and the corpus callosum of the brain. And all three use our greatest tool for self-development and evolution of consciousness: attention.

       Attention is like the arc-welder’s flame—a tool for fusion.

       In regard to the first attention—attention to breath—we’ve already experienced a little of what this means in the opening meditation process.

       In regard to the third attention—attention to revealing and understanding the Big Picture, so to speak—this is what we’ve been doing in this lecture.

       In regard to the second attention—attention to our themes, traits, issues, and wounds, as mirrored in the planets—this is the “work” of our day-to-day lives, whether we’re aware of it or not. However, conscious attention and intention expedite and focus the process, accelerating the fusion required for the evolution of consciousness.

Transits as Focusing Prisms.

       Regarding our day-to-day “work,” so to speak, given that our task is to resolve/dissolve/merge/blend/meld/synthesize our themes, traits, issues, and wounds, as mirrored in the planets, transits offer specific and focused opportunities. Moreover, the greater the orbits of the planets involved in a transit, the greater the scope of the required “work” and the greater the challenge.

       Transits are focusing prisms, illuminating certain aspects of our issues and challenges that might otherwise remain hidden, and, in this way, they offer increased opportunity for, and possibility of, further fusion/synthesis.

The Challenge of Pluto Transiting the GC

       Given Pluto’s orbit and what Pluto represents, and given that it’s now focusing/filtering/amplifying the GC and what this represents, we can expect to be challenged in the “largest” possible ways—challenged to find the synthesis in apparent global and even cosmic irreconcilables. I say “apparent,” because it’s all about perception—our perception.

       As part of this challenge, we’re being asked—in many ways forced, actually—to give away the last vestiges of Saturnian forms that have served our inner-planet lives. Specifically, we’re talking about forms that are limited and too materially crystallized for the higher consciousness of the outer planets, much less the higher consciousness of the GC.

       The transiting conjunction of Pluto and the GC is the Big Daddy to Pluto and Chiron’s efforts to break down the Saturnian consensus in the 1960s. The 1960s and the whole New Age movement were but a prelude to what’s in store for us.

Consensus Reality

       If we take this scenario collectively now, multiplied by communities, societies, nations, races, and cultures, we get, among other things, a sociological crisis—a metafluctuation of the collective consciousness. We’re talking about a breakdown of the consensus reality—of everything we’ve collectively thought was real, of value, relevant, and right. We can already see the seeds of this since the birth of quantum physics in 1900 and the discovery of Pluto in 1930.

       The consensus reality is a closed sphere of knowledge, understanding, relations, interactions, and all the sociological codes of conduct that go with it. When consensus realities break down, it tells us that things are not what they seem, but are only what we think they are.

       For the birth of greater Truth—a higher consensus—the boundaries of that sphere must be broken down, and a new boundary set some distance away, creating a larger sphere that includes new knowledge, new understanding, new relations, new interactions, and the corresponding sociological codes of conduct to go with it. Planetary orbits mirror such boundaries of the collective consciousness. We are collectively now at the orbit of Pluto.

       This entire process is holographically mirrored in phase transitions of both matter and energy, e.g. water turning into steam or super-heated matter turning into plasma. Again, it’s a fusion process, but one in which there’s both death and birth.

Global Supernova

       Summarizing the ideological part of our explorations now, humanity is on the verge of a global phase transition, a global shift—a cultural, sociological, ecological, financial, political, spiritual-religious, ideological, and resource-based supernova.

       Recapping, in a supernova, a star has used up its available energy resources—in the case of stars, usually this means hydrogen. This means the end of thermonuclear fusion, which, in turn, means the star can no longer support it own “weight.” It collapses in on itself, the inner parts merging into a high-density ball of neutrons or other exotic matter, ending up as a white dwarf or similar, and the rest is blown out into space in an explosion of debris and chaotic energy. Involution and evolution take place simultaneously: death and new birth. The debris is recycled over time into rebirth.

       In the second part of our explorations, we’ll be looking at the details of this global supernova and what it will mean for humanity in the coming years and centuries.

Summarizing the Ideas Behind Pluto Transiting the GC in Sagittarius

       To summarize the transiting conjunction of Pluto and the GC in Sagittarius, we’re talking about the death of an entire paradigm—an entire consensus reality—and the birth of a new paradigm, closer to the Truth, Light, Love, and Oneness of the GC.

       The themes of this transition—physically and metaphysically—are energy, fusion, death, transformation, and rebirth. The effect of the transition is a quantum leap of consciousness —a global phase transition—individually and collectively, mirrored in global changes that we’ll now explore.

How the Pluto-GC Transit will Affect the World

       In view of the controversial nature of some of what I’ll now present, please be aware that all of the following material has been heavily researched and has extensive supporting evidence and documentation. References will be included on the webpage of this lecture, which will be available on my website at the end of this lecture series.

       Regarding the controversial aspects, it might seem at any given moment that I’m becoming political or that I’m supporting one side of an argument at the expense of the other. If it seems this way at any given moment, please keep listening. I’ll probably give the alternate sides of the argument in further paragraphs. This is not a political lecture, and I have no agenda other than presenting ideas, theories, and conjectures based on the best and most impartial facts and evidence I can muster. My interest in these areas is metaphysical, not political.

Evolution Versus Recycling

       The first thing to point out is that the global events and our reactions to them, collectively speaking, will, like a supernova event, result in two things. In regard to some issues, we’ll collectively evolve. For example, our attitudes toward energy and resources will be one such area, forced by our circumstances, as we’ll see. Most other areas where we’ll collectively evolve (those who are ready) are in spiritual areas. The reasons for this have to do with the redistribution and re-focusing of the material substance of spiritual knowledge and understanding in relation to population decrease. It’s simple economics, as we’ll see in what follows.

       In regard to other issues, we’ll be forced, collectively, to repeat lessons, so to speak. Having not achieved a balance of perspectives in certain issues before the supernova event, we’ll be thrown back into “incarnation,” in a manner of speaking—forced to go back to basics and try again. Some issues that fall into this latter camp come to mind, such as the education and upbringing of children, where we have failed to get the balance right between discipline and freedom, resulting in the Ritalin Age and the increasing lack of focus, discipline, foresight, and complex thinking in Generations X, Y, and M (the Multi-Tasking Generation) [6].

       Another issue is our thinking that we can improve on Mother Nature with genetically modified crops without taking into account the global ecological effect of what we do; or with drugs—medical and recreational—not taking into account the human organism as a whole and what it might represent beyond simply being a vehicle for satiating our appetites for pleasure. (I’m not saying genetic engineering is right or wrong; or that drugs don’t have a valid and at times valuable place in our lives; I’m simply saying that the evolution of consciousness ultimately requires us to look at the context of these things in relation to the Big Picture.)

       The two results of the global supernova will also manifest in a parting of the ways of entire populations. As we’ve said, some people will be better prepared for the supernova, whereas others won’t be prepared at all and will be dumped by the expanding wave of exploding debris.

       Interestingly, it won’t necessarily be those in the affluent, technological-based societies of the Western world who will be best prepared for what may eventuate. We’ll see why in a moment.

Energy and Resource Supernova

       A while back, we asked what global events and circumstances could possibly induce the kind of global shift of consciousness that this transiting conjunction augurs. We might suspect the answer by now. It’s our main theme: energy—specifically, energy and resources in a world where it appears that the human population has reached the limit of what the planet can provide in terms of its ongoing expansion and survival. These limits are mirrored in many ways, as we’ll see.

       As in a pre-supernova star, we’re fast running out of certain resources, and a collapse is imminent if we don’t address certain global issues. A kind of Day of Reckoning is close at hand. Pluto will accept no compromise, and the GC will mercilessly reveal the Truth of our ways. We’ll certainly be forced to widen our perspectives.

Energy and Spirit

       So, in what now follows, let’s remember that the key is energy, which is Light, which, in turn, in the new paradigm, equals consciousness and Spirit. Given this, the transiting conjunction of Pluto and the GC in Sagittarius is set upon a global stage of events and circumstances involving deaths, transformations, recyclings, and new births, holographically mirrored in the deaths, transformations, recyclings, and new births of spiritual, religious, moral, ethical, and social paradigms.

Energy and Fusion

       In addition, keep in mind that one of the other main keywords for the transiting conjunction is fusion, physical and spiritual.   In the material mirror, this means a transition from nomadic/scavenger, combustion-based ways of approaching our energy needs to alternative/sustainable, fusion-based ways of obtaining and using our energy in the future.

       Over history, our energy needs are destined to evolve through the four elements—earth, water, air, and fire. Earth energy sources obviously include fossil fuels. Water energy sources include steam and waves, and, as we learn to extract it from water, hydrogen. Air energy sources include wind power. And fire energy sources include solar, nuclear, and fusion.

       These areas overlap in many ways, too. For example, within Earth sources, other than fossil fuels, are included uranium and plutonium, which represent the top of the earth octave of evolution, but which are used in the fire element for nuclear power. Similarly, the extraction of hydrogen from the water element leads to its use by combustion with air (oxygen) to bring it into the fire realm.

       In fact, the aim of all fuels is to bring whatever element into the fire element in order to transform it into higher frequency energy. The only question, ultimately, is about efficiency, as we’ll see in what follows.

       This happens to be exactly the case with the evolution of consciousness, too. It’s about bringing our consciousness into the fire element (and beyond) through fusion in increasingly efficient ways.

       Moreover, these themes are all holographically mirrored in physical, psychological, and metaphysical techniques we may use to evolve our consciousness—such evolution being the essence of Healing, taken in its broadest sense.

       Earth technologies include surgery and bodywork of various kinds; water technologies include anything that’s put into the body and carried by the body’s fluids for healing effect; air technologies include anything that works with breath (such as yoga); and fire technologies include all electromagnetism-based therapies, including spiritual healing.

       Notice that food occupies both the earth and water elements. Pure psychological processes are included in the fire element, but can be based on differing paradigms, mirrored in the differences between fossil-fuel energy and fusion-based energy.

       Again, the important issue here is efficiency. Our transit through the next 50 years requires that we increase the efficiency of our extraction, fusion, and usage methods of energy. In the metaphysical mirror, it requires that we increase the efficiency of our methods of healing and evolution of consciousness.

Historical Background to the Transit

       We can’t cover all aspects of the historical background to this transiting conjunction, but we’ll cover some of the more important events and circumstances. The first takes us back to the beginning of the Industrial Age and to the embedded cycle of the Age of Oil. This beginning, in itself, was a metafluctuation of the collective consciousness. Suddenly, we were made aware that we had the power to change, reshape, and rebuild our world to suit ourselves in ways that were previously considered not only impossible, but potentially heretical.

       However, the embedded cycle of the Age of Oil got off to a start that contained the seeds of its own eventual downfall. This is clearly seen in the chart of the completion of the world’s first oil well in Pennsylvania in August 1859.


       Having a look at the chart for this event, a Sun-Saturn-South Node conjunction in Leo indicates that the future expression of this global event would be beset by major power issues, by extreme material values, and by the constant threat of restrictions, limitations, and control/authority issues.

       The lack of significant aspects to all three outer planets—Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto—indicates that no thought or heed was given by early pioneers to the Big Picture of what this event might mean and what it might lead to.

       Pluto sits in Taurus, moreover, squaring Venus in Leo. Access to the pure fire element is limited, except by simple (and inefficient) combustion. Moreover, it places oil (and all fossil fuels) squarely where they belong, i.e. in the Earth element.

       A Chiron-North Node conjunction in Aquarius augurs a collective Wound of global proportions and one that will eventually affect the whole of humanity. Inevitable. Destined. Global.

       As such, we have to remember that there’s a larger Plan at work here—a Plan that will culminate in the coming years in the current metafluctuation of consciousness of the planet. The chart represents but a seed event.

       Part of this larger Plan is mirrored in the First Oil Well chart transits. During the three hits of the Pluto-GC transiting conjunction, Neptune is making a transiting conjunction to the First Oil Well chart’s Chiron-North Node conjunction. In short, this indicates a powerful, spiritual, Healing energy that is available to us in the wake of the possibly tumultuous events ahead of us—events revolving around the end of the Age of Oil, as we’ll see in what follows.

       Among other things, the Neptune transit means that, initially and for most of the planet, the causes behind such tumultuous events will remain veiled, mysterious, and subject to misinterpretation and confusion. Conspiracy theories will abound, as we’re seeing at present. However, as the debris of the supernova disperses, it will gradually become clearer that, in the midst of the turmoil and transition, a small but focused group of people are already forging what will be the beginnings of a new culture—a culture based on a new spiritual paradigm, mirrored in a new material way of life, complete with nascent but doable alternatives for energy and resources.

       Next on the list of notable historical background events related to our topic is the birth of quantum physics with the announcement on Dec 14, 1900 by Max Planck of the quantum theory of absorption and emission of radiation/Light. Max Planck’s natal chart features a conjunction of Sun and Pluto in Taurus, a triple conjunction of Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus, also in Taurus, and a conjunction of Neptune and North Node in Pisces. One cannot underestimate the power of such outer planet aspects to reveal a larger and at times confounding picture of reality.



       Note the joining of Pluto and the Sun—fusion and fire—in the Earth element.

       The date of his announcement of quantum theory is no accident either.


       Here, we find six planets in Sagittarius: North Node, Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Sun, and Chiron, which sits at 26 degrees Sagittarius, conjuncting the GC. These Sagittarian planets more or less oppose Pluto and/or Neptune, both retrograde in Gemini. Again, all the outer planets are involved.

       Max Planck’s transit chart for this day features not less than eight inconjunct aspects variously between natal Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus and transiting Jupiter and Chiron.



       Inconjunct aspects, in general, say that something’s not quite right with the way we’ve been seeing things, something’s bothering us about it all, something’s afoot, to use a British expression, and, most importantly, there’s a higher perspective to be had here if we can put the pieces together the right way. The scientific world is still trying to come to grips with quantum physics.

       Then, we have Einstein’s ground-breaking papers on special relativity (1905) and general relativity (1916). The first paper, released on June 30, 1905, first postulated the equivalence of matter and energy in his famous equation e=mc2.


       In the chart of this first paper, we find Sun and Neptune—fire and Spirit—occulting in Cancer, a water sign, with both opposing Uranus, a fusion planet, retrograde in Capricorn, an earth sign. We have evolved from the Earth element.

       Combine this with a (wide) inconjunct of the Sun-Neptune occultation to Chiron, a conjunction of South Node and Saturn in Pisces and the parallel/contra-parallel of Chiron to South and North Nodes, respectively, and we have a fitting stage for the postulation of the equivalence of matter and energy—in the new paradigm these being synonymous with Spirit and Matter.

       The Chiron-Neptune connection is particularly interesting given that Chiron and Neptune are occulting in Einstein’s own natal chart. Not to mention numerous other important outer planet aspects in this natal chart.


       In Einstein’s transits for this event, among other things, the North Node is making a transiting occultation to his natal Uranus in Virgo in the 3rd house. In short, a revolutionary perspective is destined to be communicated to the world and ultimately to have a healing effect on the illusory energy/matter, Spirit/Matter polarity.

       The second paper, released on Mar 20, 1916, concerned his ground-breaking general theory of relativity, setting out the relationship between time, space, and gravity.


       In the chart of this second paper, things are not so obvious. There are certainly a plethora of complex aspects and patterns.



       However, the salient features that shine through are in the transit chart, where Chiron conjuncts Einstein’s natal Sun, the North Node occults his own North Node, and Neptune occults his natal South Node. Destiny was certainly at work here. Interestingly, and relevant to the Chiron transit, shortly after releasing this paper, Einstein fell ill and took the next four years to recover, although he still continued his work on relativity and other subjects during this time.

       The discovery of Pluto in 1930 was the next most important event, followed in the late 1930s by the aforementioned discovery of the energy release involved in fusion processes.


       In the chart of Pluto’s discovery, of note is that Chiron again conjuncts the North Node, as in the chart of the first oil well, but this time in Taurus, an earth sign. We’re talking about a major Wound involving resources and the material paradigm. On the positive side, we’re talking about moving beyond the material resources paradigm, but only if we can collectively Heal the Wound, so to speak. The trouble is, we’re emotionally attached to the material paradigm, and we’re not going to give it up without a fight (this being indicated by Moon in Scorpio conjunct South Node, opposing Chiron-North Node). A very powerfully placed Uranus in Aries beckons us forward, though, come what may in terms of the death, transformation, rebirth, and new birth that Pluto augurs. At the same time, though, Saturn in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries, trying to hold us within the material paradigm—the forms and structures of the material world—even as we take our first steps into a new paradigm.

       Then, there’s the whole astro-drama of the lead-up to the discovery of Chiron in 1977. This story begins in 1952 with the first of some 41 oppositions of Chiron and Uranus between 1952 and 1989. 1951-52 was also one of the two recent times when the center of mass of the solar system was at the center of the Sun, the other being in 1990-91. In the midst of this was the 1960s and a bevy of outer planet aspects including Pluto and Uranus (fusion planets) in Virgo (earth sign, sign of healing) opposing Chiron and Saturn in Pisces (the old, outmoded paradigms, including the victim mentality).

       Without going into details, all of this represented the birth of the New Age movement. It also represented the beginning of the breakdown of old and outmoded Saturnian social structures of the post WWII era. It also brought the idea of universal (unconditional) Love into the picture with a water trine of Neptune in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces.

       One of the most important aspects of this fluctuation of collective consciousness was the birth of a generation of people with Chiron-Uranus oppositions and with Chiron-Pluto oppositions in their natal charts. The former has produced innumerable Healers of all descriptions—Healers that will be needed in the coming shift. The latter represent people who are destined to be the catalysts for and in this shift—particularly negative catalysts—because, in this opposition aspect, Pluto continually and mercilessly pokes a stick into these people’s wounds and issues, often causing violent reactions and a projection of their wounds in the form of anger, judgment, and destructiveness.

       Other relevant dates include the last two Pluto-Chiron conjunctions, the first being in Leo (power issues and wounds) in 1941, in the midst of WWII, and the second being in Sagittarius (ideological and religious issues and wounds) in 1999, as prelude to the beginning of what some are now calling WWIII. In both cases, we’re talking about an extreme exacerbation of wounds and issues, individually and collectively, and the projection of those wounds and issues upon others, the results of which are often conflict and wars.

       The benefit of such wounds and issues being stirred up is that it gives us the opportunity to take a closer look at them, deal with them, resolve them, and ultimately heal them. The healing doesn’t take place all at once, though, but in quantum steps as we widen our perspectives and see a larger picture of our own lives and of the lives of others. If nothing else, it stirs our sense of Longing for a wider perspective—a perspective that could help us make sense of an otherwise and seemingly chaotic world.

       In the evolving metafluctuation of consciousness, we can’t underestimate the place and power of the Sun and its cycles. We probably know about the 11-year solar sunspot cycles. However, this first cycle is embedded in a larger cycle—one that spans 500 years and probably more. Historically, there are times when the sunspot cycle is almost dormant and other times when it is extremely active. For example, 1550 (the Spörer Minimum) and 1670 (the Maunder Minimum), approximately, were the focal points of extreme dormancy, during which Europe experienced a Little Ice Age. Conversely, the 12th century was a Grand Maximum, during which extremely high global temperatures were experienced.

       Solar cycles necessarily have an effect upon human consciousness, too. The peaks of the 11-year solar cycles—solar maximums—have been variously linked to weather patterns, power outages, computer failures, communications difficulties, spacecraft and satellites ‘pushed’ off course, psychiatric episode increases, climatic changes, and increases in the evolutionary pace of humans, both physically and culturally.

       In short, increased solar activity challenges us—challenges us to see a bigger picture in seemingly local issues, events, and circumstances, whether by “local” we mean our local village or the local solar system.

       The important point here is that solar activity has been increasing gradually since the Maunder Minimum in 1670. This has had three simultaneous and related effects: 1) the acceleration of consciousness, both in scientific and spiritual areas, 2) an increase in difficult psychological and social challenges, resulting in increased visible (expressed) conflict between people, locally and globally (the increase in global population exacerbates this last point), and 3) global warming. We’ll discuss this last point later.

Setting the Social Stage

       The last historical “event” we’ll look at, which is really a cycle rather than an event, is the Chiron Cycle. This is an elliptical cycle of the waxing and waning of Chiron’s influences on the collective population of the planet, which, in a way, is the stage upon which the unfolding planetary drama is taking place.



       Without going into too much detail—detail that can be found in my recent book, “Chiron – Healing Body and Soul”—those born in the 1945 to 1970 part of the Chiron Cycle—the Baby Boomers and GenXers, primarily—tend to express the spiritual sides of their lives more than the material sides, although, paradoxically, ever couched in the striving for material comforts and security!

       Conversely, those born in the 1971 to 1996 part of the Chiron Cycle—GenY and GenM, primarily—tend to express the material sides of their lives more than the spiritual sides. To the point, this latter group is content to let their hippie parents indulge in their New Age pursuits, while they themselves are more interested in getting wired with the newest technology, while relying on Mom and Dad to continue to protect them from the Big Bad World.

       Having to witness this and deal with it, the parents of this latter group of people tend to bemoan and get frustrated with their children, because the children don’t seem to take life as seriously or as responsibly as they do—not to mention having no interest in the broader spiritual picture of what might be going on in the world. In turn, this tends to call the parents to action, because, in their eyes, the world is in danger of crumbling around them and their children.

       The upshot of all this is that the Baby Boomers and the GenXers will be the spiritual “shakers” and “movers” in the emerging global shift of consciousness. GenY and GenM feel as though they are inheriting a world they didn’t ask for, complete with all its ailments, and it’s not their responsibility. However, as this latter group starts having children themselves, which has been delayed considerably by these generations for social reasons, the chickens will come home to roost for all living Generations.

       In short, a new paradigm of child rearing and education, aforementioned, will be born—one that hopefully will balance the issues of freedom versus discipline. Incidentally, this will also have important ramifications for religions birthed or rebirthed during this transition period inasmuch as their social, moral, and ethical guidelines for the future will revolve around Baby Boomers’ and GenXers’ perceived failures in these areas.

       At the risk of generalizing, the Generations we’ve just explored represent the social stage upon which the drama of the transiting conjunction will take place. Obviously, though, we’re talking about the general populace here, not necessarily the current political and financial movers and shakers of the world, who are, in a sense, an exception to the rule of the masses, but who are nonetheless perfect expressions of the collective consciousness of all the planets at any given moment.

       Moreover, at any given time, we’ll find all manner of social expressions on the planet, if we look hard enough. For this reason, let me make another distinction. Aside from the aforementioned political and financial movers and shakers, who are knowingly or unknowingly puppets/expressions of the dance of the outer planets for the greater evolution of consciousness of the planet, the rest of the population can roughly be divided into two other groups.

       The first group is the one we’ve been talking about in terms of the Generations. These are people like us who are more or less consciously working for the individual or collective betterment of our world, materially or spiritually, while still participating in whatever the world has to offer in terms of mind-numbing entertainment and sense-satisfying delicacies!

       The second group represents those who either haven’t a clue about such things—the oblivious—or who do have a clue, but are not interested in such things—the indifferent. This second group is content just to let the world go on its merry way, as long as they continue to enjoy the fruits of modern civilization. Others can do as they like, as long as it doesn’t adversely affect me.

       Given the above, who really has the power? The disinterested masses surely do not. And I’ve suggested that the material movers and shakers of the world don’t either inasmuch as they’re puppets/expressions of larger planetary movements over which we have no control, despite these people’s illusions to the contrary. They are simply acting out destinies and fates.

       I propose that the interested people, such as we are, have the power to shape the world in the wake of inevitable and immutable planetary influences. Specifically, we have the choice how we react to, and/or act upon, these influences during this time of chaos, transition, transformation, rebirth, and potential new birth.

Time Frame

       So, what’s the time-frame for the scenario we’re painting? Will it start soon? Will it last a year, five years, a decade, longer? I can’t really answer this. We must remember that the planetary event is a “seed event” that will unfold over a long period. However, we can speculate based on the probable end of the Age of Oil. According to differing opinions, at current growing usage rates, fossil fuels may last another 50 years. However, the oil “squeeze” may have already begun. So, given this, the transition scenario may stretch out over the next 10 to 50 years.

       Whatever the time-frame, we’re talking about a transition time—the transition between one culture/civilization and a new culture/civilization, much in the way Oswald Spengler predicted at the beginning of last century in his magnum opus, “The Decline of the West.”


       Having said this, I feel it necessary to point out that there are two extremes when it comes to how we look at, assess, judge, and predict the future of these things. On the one side, we have the Doomsdayers; on the other side, we have the New Agers and Technology Worshippers. Most of the population falls toward one extreme or the other with the largest percentage falling in the middle of the two extremes. A third, special-case group I call the Head-in-the-Sanders who are either not interested in these things out of indifference or who don’t want to know about anything about it out of fear.

       The Doomsdayers, whether spiritually or materially oriented, say that the world is going to end soon and that we’re all going back to prehistoric times when the oil runs out. Moreover, spiritually speaking, we deserve everything that’s coming to us, because of how we’ve screwed up the planet.

       The New Agers tend to say that when technology collapses—because this is the only way it could turn out seeing as how we’ve screwed up the planet—we’re all going to live in a spiritual Golden Age, back to nature, in love and peace, with Namaste smiles permanently plastered on our faces.

       The Technology Worshippers tend to say that science and technology, combined with market forces, are the answer to all our troubles, and that the future will be exactly like Star Trek, complete with alien religions and opportunities for star-ship captains to get their shirts off and make out with green women.

       Personally, I don’t subscribe to any of these extremes and feel that the way forward, materially and spiritually, consists of a balanced perception and understanding of our lives and of the world around us. For this, many preconceptions must die in the wake of greater Truth. Old consensus realities must give way to new ones. We’re talking about a collective evolution of consciousness, facilitated and energized by such people as ourselves who are not only interested in the future welfare of the planet, but who are willing to look at all sides of the picture—willing to look at a larger picture and see the context of our own lives in relation to that larger picture. This is what this transiting conjunction is all about.

       Yes, there will be difficult times ahead, some rude awakenings, discomfort, sadness, pain, suffering, deaths, global crises, and forced changes of lifestyle, but there will also be new possibilities, new opportunities, new births, and new joys, pleasures, and comforts. As always, the Universal Balance will be maintained.

Energy and Energy Crisis.

       Keeping the preceding in mind—a balanced perspective, that is—let’s discuss energy and the impending energy crisis, as both energy and crises are aptly Plutonian topics.

       The global, material aspect of the transition we’ve been exploring consists of a movement from fossil-fuel energy to fusion-based energy. The use of fossil-fuel energy mirrors a nomadic, user-disposable, consumption-based paradigm. Such a paradigm tends to be linear, left-brain, primitive, bounded, Saturnian, fixed, Aristotelian, and time’s arrow-oriented. Conversely, the development and use of fusion-based energy mirrors a sustainable, synergistic, production-based paradigm. Such a paradigm tends to be more parallel, right-brain, evolutionary, Uranian/Plutonian, fluid, Platonic, and time’s cycle-oriented.

       In both cases, recall the spiritual hologram of these attitudes, as previously discussed.

       Incidentally, by “fusion-based” energy I mean any energy produced through the fusing of matter into a more evolved state that simultaneously gives off usable energy as its major byproduct with higher efficiency rates than with combustion-based technologies and with a correspondingly lower percentage of waste products.

       In contrast, fossil-fuel energy is obtained through the more inefficient burning/breakdown of matter to produce energy, with its major by-product being waste product, such as various gases and ash.

       Having said this, though, I must point out that even waste products, no matter how toxic, have their valid and valuable place in the process of evolution. I’ll come back to this point later.

       From this perspective, solar energy (fire element) is thus a fusion-based energy, although we ourselves have not produced the fusion; we simply take advantage of the fusion already present in the Sun. Hydrogen also represents a fusion-based technology inasmuch as extraction of hydrogen from water produces oxygen, and the “burning” of hydrogen—fusing with oxygen, effectively—produces the major byproduct of energy plus the minor byproduct of pure water. Minimal environmental impact.

       Other ecologically sustainable energy sources—sources such as wind (air element) and waves (water element)—are closer to fusion technologies than combustion technologies, because their development and use produces a lower percentage of waste products and corresponding environmental impact than, say, fossil fuels (earth element).

       In the end, it’s all a matter of efficiency. Fossil-fuel energies (earth element), for all their economic viability, are not as efficient in terms of desired products and byproducts as fusion-based energies. As we move up the hologram, toward greater unity, greater efficiency is required. As an example of this, the Sun has an efficiency rate of conversion of matter to energy of about 0.7%, whereas black holes such as reside in galactic centers have an efficiency rate of about 42%.[7]

       We could also talk about the concept of “renewable” energy, but this is a bit of a misnomer, as all energy is renewable given a corresponding time-frame, even fossil fuels. A better word perhaps is “sustainable,” i.e. how long can the use of a particular energy resource be sustained without becoming counterproductive (in terms of environmental impact) and/or without exhausting the supply. From this perspective, fossil fuels are not sustainable, whereas wind, water, solar, and fusion technologies are sustainable within the lifetime of the planet at least, given proper management.

       As our conception of the world and our lives expands in time and space, so the duration and scope of our energy sources will expand. In short, as we evolve, we are less inclined to go with the short-term and often short-sighted options and more likely to go with long-term options that take the future and future generations into account. This will certainly be one of the lessons of this transition time.

Peak Oil

       Many of you have now probably heard the latest catch-phrase, “Peak Oil.” Devoid of all the hyperbole and doomsday scenarios, Peak Oil is a statistical model that charts the rise, peak, and fall of oil discovery, production, and use. The science of Peak Oil was worked out in the 1950s by veteran geophysicist, M. King Hubbert, who successfully used his method to predict the U.S. oil peak in 1970. Declassified CIA documents show that by the late 1970s the Agency was using similar methods to forecast the Soviet Union’s oil peak.[8]

       Using Hubbert’s model, recent researchers have determined that the world oil peak occurs somewhere between 2005 and 2035. An increasing number of researchers are suggesting that if this world peak has not already occurred, it will occur in the next year or two. What makes it notoriously difficult to pin down, though, is that oil countries and companies are renowned for exaggerating their figures as well as for deliberately withholding such information. It’s a matter of keeping oil prices and share prices high and the markets and shareholders happy.

       So, if there is such a peak, what does this mean? Is the world going to end on that date? Sorry to disappoint the Doomsdayers, but no.

       However, there are implications. The first implication is one that even major oil companies and governments are already advertising: the end of the era of cheap oil. Since 9/11, the price of oil has roughly tripled. In inflation-adjusted dollars, the current price of oil is the highest it has been since the early years of the Age of Oil in the 1860s and 1870s, barring the period 1973-1981, which were the years of oil embargos and US oil price fixing sparked by the Yom Kippur War (Israel, Syria, and Egypt) and the Iran/Iraq War.[9] Of course, there are other factors in price fluctuations, some of which are political and others of which are ecological, such as Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico.

       Predictions arising from the Peak Oil scenario range anything from “it’s the end of the world as we know it and we’re all going back to prehistoric times” to “EGBOK” (Everything’s Going To Be OK) and market forces and technology will take care of it. Somewhere in between lies the truth of the matter.

       With a view to revealing that truth, let’s consider a few facts:

·         Agriculture is fossil-fuel dependent, from pesticides to commercial fertilizers to the manufacture and running of farming implements to food storage systems to distribution channels and transportation.

·         Transportation in general—the thing that makes the world go around—is fossil-fuel dependent.

·         Electricity used commercially, residentially, and in industry is fossil-fuel dependent.

·         Water treatment and supply is fossil-fuel dependent.

·         Computers and other high-tech devices are fossil-fuel dependent (in their manufacture).[10]

·         All plastics are fossil-fuel dependent.

·         Manufacturing in general is fossil-fuel dependent.

·         Fossils fuels account for most of what’s needed to provide heat to humanity.

·         Alternative systems of energy—including solar panels, solar-nanotechnology, windmills, hydrogen fuel cells, biodiesel production facilities, nuclear power plants, etc.—rely on sophisticated technology that relies on fossil fuels.

·         Most of the feedstock for biofuels, (e.g. soybeans, corn) such as biodiesel and ethanol, are grown using the high-tech, fossil-fuel-powered industrial methods of agriculture.

·         In short, all current alternative energy technologies are “fossil-fuel derivatives.”

·         And lastly, the global financial system is entirely dependent on a constantly increasing supply of cheap fossil fuels. I’ll address this issue in a moment.

·         Mainstream and normally conservative sources—media, oil and other energy companies,[11] banks, researchers, and governments, including the likes of Warren Buffet[12], the US Department of Energy[13], Alan Greenspan[14]and others[15], [16], [17], [18], [19], [20], [21], [22], [23] and [24]—are increasingly aligning with the peak oil model and are beginning to see the potential for crises the likes of which will make a few blackouts and the recession of the 1980s look like a walk in the park.

·         The actions of oil companies speak louder than words: Crude oil prices have roughly tripled since 2001, but oil companies have increased their budgets for exploring new fields by only a small fraction. US refineries are working close to capacity, but no new refinery has been constructed since 1976. Oil tankers are fully booked, but outdated ships are being decommissioned faster than new ones are being built.[25] In January 2005, investment bank Credit Suisse First Boston released a report that said that integrated oil companies are spending only 12% of their total capital expenditures on finding new oil fields, and this was down from nearly a third in 1990.[26]

·         Mergers and takeovers of major oil companies are increasing,[27] and [28] indicating a rationalization of a contracting industry.

·         Independent industry analysts are now concluding that large oil companies believe Peak Oil is at our doorstep.[29]

·         Major oil companies are embarking upon expensive advertising campaigns that paradoxically alert the public about Peak Oil while trying to placate and soothe the public into not panicking about it.[30], [31] and [32]

·         Global oil discovery peaked in 1962 and has declined to virtually nothing in comparison in the past few years. We now consume 6 barrels of oil for every barrel we find.[33], [34]

·         As of October 2004, according to the New York Times, “the top-10 oil groups spent about $8bn combined on exploration last year, but this only led to commercial discoveries with a net present value of slightly less than $4bn. The previous two years show similar, though less dramatic, shortfalls.”[35] In short, it is becoming economically unviable to explore for new oil.

·         Further to the last point, in the 1960s, we consumed about 6 billion barrels of oil per year while finding about 30-60 billion barrels of oil, whereas, as of 2005, we now produce 30 billion barrels per year,[36] but find less than 4 billion barrels per year.[37]

·         Oil sands (in Canada for example) have been touted as the answer to North American energy woes. However, whereas conventional oil has enjoyed a rate of “energy return on energy invested” (EROEI) of about 30 to 1,[38] the oil sands rate of return hovers around 1.5 to 1. This means that we have to expend 20 times as much energy to generate the same amount of oil from the oil sands as we do from conventional sources of oil.

·         Moreover, optimistic reports anticipate 4 million barrels per day of oil coming from the oil sands by 2020.[39] Even if the optimists are correct, 4 million barrels per day isn’t a drop in the ocean when we consider our colossal and ever-growing demand in conjunction with the current or impending global peak. As of the end of 2005, we currently consume 83.5 million barrels per day.[40] And we’re projected to need 120 million barrels per day by 2020.

·         Shale deposits, as an alternative to traditional oil, run into the same cost problems (EROEI) and paltry capacity projections as oil sands.[41], [42] and [43]

·         Possibly the most promising alternative to standard crude oil—called “light sweet crude”—is super-heavy tar crude. However, this is extremely expensive to extract and refine. Currently, the largest reserves in the world of super-heavy crude—enough for decades to come—are in Venezuela in the Orinoco Oil Belt. Some experts believe that as the price of light crude goes up, the extraction of heavy crude will become economically feasible.[44]

       However, the EROEI still simply doesn’t add up.[45]

·         Next to defense, transportation is the largest user of fossil fuels. One out of every seven jobs in the US is dependent upon automobile manufacture.[46] Half of the new jobs created in the US since 2001 are dependent upon housing construction.[47]

·         Bearing the last two points in mind, most of the automobile and home purchases in the USA are made with interest-bearing loans, which, absent a hyperinflationary monetary policy, can only be paid back en masse if the economy grows. The US economy, at least in its current incarnation, can only grow if people can afford to drive more. As researcher Stuart Staniford has shown in a series of graphs originally published on The Oil Drum,[48] a strong casual (if not virtually direct) relationship exists between miles driven and economic growth.

·         In short, the US has built its entire infrastructure and way of life under the assumption that oil would always be cheap and plentiful.[49]

·         The US government has been aware of Peak Oil at least since 1977, when the CIA prepared a Report on it.[50] In 1982, the State Dept. released its own Report.[51]

·         In 1999, Dick Cheney, then chairman of the world’s largest oil services company, Halliburton, presented the picture of world oil supply and demand to industry insiders. “By some estimates,” Cheney stated, “there will be an average of two percent annual growth in global oil demand over the years ahead, along with, conservatively, a three percent natural decline in production from existing reserves. That means, by 2010, we will need on the order of an additional fifty million barrels a day.” In 2004, when this was reported, this was equivalent to Saudi Arabia’s output times six.[52]

·         In April 2001 (note the date), a Report commissioned by Dick Cheney was released indicating that the US is facing the biggest energy crisis in history and that the crisis requires “a reassessment of the role of energy in American foreign policy.”[53]

·         At a recent conference on renewable energy, James Woolsey, former Director of the CIA, said, “I fear we are going to be at war for decades, not years…Ultimately, we will win it, but one major component of that war is oil…”[54]

·         In a June 2005 Financial Times article entitled, “Kissinger Warns of Energy Conflict,”[55] Henry Kissinger was quoted as saying: “The amount of energy is finite, up to now in relation to demand, and competition for access to energy can become the life and death for many societies.” We’ll talk about the connection between diminishing oil and resource wars in a minute.

·         James Schlesinger, who served as CIA director in the Nixon administration, defense secretary in the Nixon and Ford administrations, and energy secretary in the Carter administration, in a November 2005 testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee urged lawmakers to begin preparing for declining oil supplies and increasing prices in the coming decades. He said, “We are faced with the possibility of a major economic shock and the political unrest that would ensue.” [56]

·         As far as energy alternatives, many have been touted as solutions. We’ll address some of the more common ones. However, overall, each alternative is, in the short-term at least, reliant upon existing oil-based energy infrastructures—energy whose price is fast diminishing the economic viability of developing such alternatives. And for each one or even a combination of them to come anywhere near replacing fossil fuels in the long term, new infrastructures must be put in place—infrastructures that do not yet exist. Such infrastructures take decades to set up, presuming that doing so is cost effective and economically viable in the short to medium term.

·         Let’s consider some of the alternatives, starting with ethanol, which is an agricultural, crop-based biofuel alternative, now being developed in countries such as Brazil. As a long-term and global solution, ethanol quickly runs into serious conflicts with agriculture for food. With a growing population, decreasing space for agriculture, deforestation required to increase agricultural land, and possible climate change implications, ethanol is a short-sighted, short-term stop-gap for what will become a global issue during the transition time. Given the choice between feeding mouths with corn and putting that corn into an automobile, which one do you think people will choose in the end?

·         Hydrogen: we’re still very far from being able to use hydrogen to replace oil. Currently, input energy for production is greater than the output energy of the product. A consensus is growing that hydrogen will not be the miracle cure everybody has been looking for.[57] Moreover, we run into the aforementioned infrastructure problems.

·         Nuclear: the world’s fear of nuclear power, as a hangover from the Cold War and from nuclear accidents such as Chernobyl, not to mention the danger of nuclear technology falling into unfriendly hands, make the nuclear solution unattractive to some. However, despite this, many countries are seriously looking at the nuclear option, such as Australia, India, and Iran. The trouble with nuclear is that it takes considerable time—more than ten years at times—to get approval for new nuclear plants, much less build them and get them up and running. Even after this, there’s only an estimated 40 years of nuclear fuel left, so this option can only be a mid-term stop-gap. Moreover, the nuclear waste issue has yet to be solved.

·         Solar: although advances in solar technology have been considerable in the last twenty years, solar is nowhere near being able to even begin to supplement vital industries such as transport, power, defense, agriculture, and technology. Consequently, infrastructure for solar energy has hardly been considered except in relation to small eco-communities and individual usage in housing situations. However, having said this, perhaps this decentralized usage, but on a mass scale, is part of the new paradigm. We’ll discuss this shortly.

·         Fusion: fusion technology holds great promise and is line with all that we’ve discussed today—in line with the new paradigm. Although nations are collaborating in research and development,[58] experts agree that fusion, as a viable energy alternative, has been 25 years away for the last fifty years and is still 25 years away.[59]

·         Wind power is a promising short-term solution. It’s cheap to set up, requires little maintenance, and can be set up almost anywhere. However, use on a mass scale approaching even a small fraction of what is required to replace oil is impossible as the new industry quickly runs into ecological problems as well as overall output limitations, not to mention requiring fossil-fuel backups when the wind isn’t blowing. Best estimates are that total winds in the USA, for example, could power only 2.4 million homes and make up only 5% of the total electricity required in the USA by 2020.[60] There are other considerations, too, but no room here to elaborate.

·         Wave power is relatively new, but takes advantage of ocean movements to produce electricity. The industry is in its infancy and will take a very long time to assess in terms of its viability, efficiency, environmental impact, and suitability for use on a mass scale.

·         Zero point energy and other such science fiction possibilities have as yet no scientific evidence behind them, although these possibilities should not be entirely discounted on this basis. Miracles do happen at times and zero point energy, for one, would be such a miracle.

       Given what we’ve explored so far regarding Peak Oil, one could argue, as some economists do, that market forces will take care of the whole thing. As oil prices rise through the roof, alternative energy sources will become more financially attractive and viable. This is sound thinking, except that alternative energy sources and their development are, in the short to mid term, dependent upon the very oil they are seeking to replace and must pay the sky-high prices of oil in order to be implemented. The EROEI just does not add up. It’s Catch-22.

       Others argue that there’s still plenty of oil left—up to half of what has ever existed on the planet, at least. True enough. However, oil production is the highest it’s ever been and we’re still struggling to keep up with demand—demand that’s increasing daily, particularly with developing nations such as China. If and when oil peaks, if it hasn’t already done so, decreased production that cannot meet increasing demand must necessarily translate into the reduction of oil usage in non-essential areas.

       But which of the areas we’ve mentioned so far are truly non-essential, i.e. areas where decreases will not produce a snowball effect, socially, politically, economically, and in terms of lifestyle of the average global citizen?

       Taken together, all the preceding information points to a time of transition—a time of challenges, difficulties, discomforts, and shifts in perspective. We can certainly expect major fluctuations in the energy marketplace and corresponding fluctuations in every area of our lives in the coming years.

       In worst case scenarios, there could be food shortages, blackouts, reductions in travel and vehicles, movements of populations from suburban areas into urban areas, movement of populations from metropolitan areas into rural areas, decentralization of our social, financial, and energy lives, political instabilities, resource wars, industry collapses, economic recessions, depressions, or even collapses, among other things. Some of these things are already happening, whether we’re aware of it or not.

       In best case scenarios, where viable energy alternatives exist or are discovered, there will still be a substantial time-lag between the growing oil “squeeze”—demand far outstripping supply—and the building of infrastructures capable of mass delivery of such alternatives. In short, the world has left it too long to start planning for, and working toward, the inevitable end of the Age of Oil, despite the warnings and warning signs of the last several decades. Consequently, whether best or worst case scenario, there will be a difficult transition time.

       Whatever happens, we’ll be made patently aware of how important energy is to our lives. Moreover, we’ll be ever more impelled to seek new energy forms, new ways of looking at energy, and new ways of using energy. These are Pluto’s themes.

       In the metaphysical mirror, we’re talking about new ways of looking at ourselves and our relationship with the world in which we live—in particular, how we interact with, and use, our spiritual energy environment. These are the themes of the GC. This part of the equation will holographically involve new energy technologies for the evolution of consciousness—for healing and for attaining a broader perspective on the questions of who we are, where we come from, why we are here, and where we’re destined to end up.

       For anybody wishing to explore Peak Oil further, is an excellent starting point, giving space for both sides of the argument.

Ecological Changes

       Let’s talk about ecological changes that might be in store. I’m not going to beat around the bush, but rather go for the jugular by going straight to global warming. What does global warming have to do with the Pluto-GC transiting conjunction? In short, it has to do with solar cycles, which determine how much cosmic rays—such as those from the GC—reach us or don’t reach us. As the globe cools in the next fifty to several hundred years, we’ll be increasingly “open” to the influences from the GC.

       Now that I have your attention, hopefully, let’s talk about the global warming issue.

       Global warming is real. It’s happening. Very few would dispute this now. However, the consensus view is that humanity and its greenhouse gas emissions are the primary cause of the current trend of rising global temperatures and all that goes with this. Beating ourselves up for allegedly ruining the planet is part of the old paradigm. When we look at the Big Picture and see the larger context of the current climate changes within this Big Picture and we combine this with a plethora of other factors, some manmade and some not, we’ll have the basis of a new paradigm—a paradigm of evolution, materially and spiritually.

       But before we can truly understand, and align with, the new paradigm, we must examine both sides of every issue equally and try to discern the true elements of the Big Picture.

       Having studied many alternate theories of global warming, here’s what stands out… Add up the following established facts: 

       1) Clouds and cloud cover have a hundred times stronger effect on weather and climate than carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 

       2) Even if the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere suddenly doubled overnight, it would be cancelled out by as little as 1% expanded cloud cover.

       3) There’s a direct correlation between global cloud cover and cosmic rays. Increased cosmic rays = greater cloud cover = cooler temperatures.

       4) The amount of cosmic rays reaching the Earth is determined primarily by the solar sunspot cycles.

       Increased solar activity = less cosmic rays, because the active solar magnetosphere acts as a barrier to cosmic rays. Meaning decreased cloud cover, resulting in higher temperatures.

       5) As an example, look at the Maunder Minimum during the latter part of the 17th century where extreme decreased solar activity and corresponding increased cosmic ray susceptibility correlated exactly with what has been dubbed the Little Ice Age in Europe during these years.

       6) As another example, from an in-depth study of these things, the global cloud coverage diminished from a peak in 1986 to 1990 by more than 3%, having a net warming effect on the planet in three years that would have taken atmospheric carbon dioxide centuries to duplicate by comparison.

       7) In the 20th century, we were in a time of historically high solar activity, with the mid-twentieth century being an historic peak of a 500-some-year cycle. High solar activity = decreased cosmic rays = decreased cloud cover = higher temperatures.

       Despite the dogged persistence of the greenhouse gas theory—and it’s only a theory based on circumstantial evidence—as it turns out, this effect has been grossly overestimated in comparison with the solar contribution to climate change, which turns out to be the most important factor.

       The science and figures behind this assertion, along with other supporting examples and explorations of other factors involved in climate change (other than the theoretical greenhouse effect), is available at

       The upshot of all this is, yes, we’re experiencing a global rise in temperatures, but the rise is probably not manmade and is probably part of a natural solar cycle, the complexities and details of which we haven’t yet fully mapped out.

       As the cycle subsides naturally, so global temperatures will decrease. We’re talking anything from 50 years to several centuries for such a decrease, regardless of carbon dioxide, manmade or not. So, unfortunately for Hollywood and the Doomsdayers, the ecosphere will not be completely ruined—at least not by global warming.

       Sure, there’ll be eco-changes that will adversely affect humanity, but there always have been since the dawn of time. We’re just more aware of the global picture these days, with our internet and global media.

       This is not to say that humanity isn’t having a huge effect on the planet as the population bulges out of its resource and space boundaries. It certainly is. We shouldn’t flatter ourselves, though, into thinking that we’re the primary cause of global warming.

       As far as the other changes on the planet that are more likely directly related to humanity’s existence on the planet, I’m increasingly seeing this as the natural effect of biology changing the ecosphere in preparation for the birth of new species, as has happened innumerable times throughout history. The most striking example of this was how primitive life on Earth (prokaryote cells) modified the early oxygen-less atmosphere by converting CO2 and H2O to organic matter, thus releasing oxygen into the atmosphere—creating the perfect environment for the evolution of land-based, air-breathing life.[61]

       The manmade increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide in the last 150 years may just be part of a future evolution of the human species, if we use the past as an example. We simply don’t know, but it would be wise to try to discern the Big Picture before simply reacting to first and incomplete conclusions by radically and perhaps pointlessly trying to change our lives.

       How does this relate to our topic at hand? In a word: evolution, on two fronts. First, evolution of species, brought about by environmental changes, and second, evolution of consciousness brought about by a fuller, expanded understanding of the forces at work on the planet and in our lives. Both are part of the new paradigm—part of balancing our lopsided perceptions about ourselves that tend to swing between beating ourselves up for our supposed destruction of the planet and patting ourselves on the back for our supposed technological miracles.

       As global temperatures decrease, our fuller understanding of solar cycles, cosmic rays, global warming and cooling, and our place in the Big Picture coincide with increasing “contact” from outside the solar system—from the GC, in particular—via cosmic rays in the next fifty to several hundred years.


       So, how does pollution fit into this equation?

       Well, going for the jugular again, the new paradigm says that pollution is a perception—a negatively lopsided judgment, based on an incomplete view of the Big Picture.

       To use some pithy sayings… One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. All apparent crises have not-so-apparent blessings. There are no monopoles in Nature. Every stick has two ends.

       Are we putting our waste products back into the ecosystem? Yes, of course we are. Is it ruining the planet? Yes and no.

       In the Big Picture—in the understanding of the new paradigm—everything we do has a dual effect on our environment. Everything we do both destroys and creates, breaks down and builds up, causes damage and repairs, creates chaos and order, and, overall, contributes to the Big Picture of the life of the planet and everything on it, including us.

       The trouble is, according to the old paradigm, humans allegedly destroy more than we create, break down more than we build up, damage more than we repair, and cause more chaos than order. Do I see nodding heads?

       The new paradigm says this is an illusion. The GC says that this is an illusion. Pluto uses or recycles everything—for evolutionary new birth or for involutionary rebirth. Nothing is wasted. Everything is in perfect equilibrium. It’s a self-correcting system. Seeing this is the challenge of the next millennium.

       We don’t see this, because we aren’t looking at the Big Picture. We’re looking at a mere blink in the lifetime of the planet and in the lifetime of humanity. Moreover, we’re setting ourselves outside of Nature and Mother Earth, when, in truth, we’re part of Nature and Mother Earth. We’re not a scourge on the planet. If we could see the Big Picture of the evolution of species on the planet, we’d realize this. Seeing this Big Picture is the astrological domain of the GC.

       What is the Big Picture? Perfect equilibrium. Cycles within cycles within cycles, all moving inexorably back toward the unity of the Source/singularity. If biology can and does change environment, causing the death of older, outmoded, lesser evolved species, it simultaneously sets the stage for the birth of new species. We don’t have time today to examine the historical proof of this, but you can research it yourself. Look at the paleontological records.

       The short story—an actual story I’ve copyrighted by the way!—is that everything we’re “doing” on the planet and to the planet is changing the environment—earth/soil, water, and air—preparing it for the birth of new species, lesser in number, but greater in consciousness. Such new species may include the next evolutionary leap for human beings. So-called pollution is part of that. Biology changing environment. Death, transformation, rebirth through recycling, and new birth. Pluto.

Global Pandemics

       Our next topic is global pandemics.

       Included in these are SARS, bird flu, AIDS, cancer, and Type II diabetes, among others. There may be new ones, too, as the transition happens. The important thing about pandemics, from the perspective of the new paradigm, is that, like most diseases, they perfectly mirror psychological wounds and issues through which the planet is working, individually and collectively. They also act as driving forces for the evolution of consciousness—particularly in the case of apparently terminal or incurable diseases, which force a complete reassessment of one’s life, perspectives, values, and priorities. In short, diseases, as a whole, mirror and impel. This is their Gift.

       The existence of such pandemics is exacerbated or alleviated by resistance or willingness, respectively, to considering, and working with, the new paradigms being handed down to us, so to speak, from the planets.

       Some diseases and pandemics directly correlate with human behaviors that are in need of reassessment, reconsideration, and evolution. Others correlate with deeper issues—individual and/or collective self-worth, judgments, blame, anger, resentment, guilt, fear, and other polarized emotional perspectives.

       Still other potential pandemics may be deliberately manmade by certain people who have other agendas for the planet. We’ll discuss such agendas when we get to the section on politics.

       Whatever the case may be, pandemics are the collective lever arm of evolution. They weed out, prune, challenge, and, in the end, strengthen those who remain. They are one of Pluto’s tools, whether we like it or not. Moreover, during this transition time, given the ecological and psychological changes happening on the planet now, we can expect an increase and acceleration of such pandemics in the short to medium term.

       In all cases, Healing is facilitated by the evolution of consciousness toward greater Truth (as mirrored in the GC), which is then perfectly mirrored in increased balance of our individual and collective physiology as well as in the punctuated evolution of new species. So says the new paradigm.

Earth Changes

       Speaking about the possibility of earth changes now, normally speaking, a planet as small as Pluto doesn’t exert enough gravitational force to produce significant stresses upon the Earth and its crust. The planets that have the most effect upon the Earth in this way are the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn. The Moon, being closest to us, also has a strong gravitation influence. However, the stress effect can be amplified by overall alignments of multiple planets and the GC.

       As it turns out, during the period of the three “hits” of the Pluto-GC transiting conjunction, Jupiter is applying to a conjunction with Pluto. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction becomes exact on Nov 23, 2007, two months after the last “hit” of the Pluto-GC transiting conjunction.

       Moreover, in the first “hit” of Pluto and the GC, the Earth is on the other side of the Sun, meaning that the Sun’s gravity is added to the gravity of Pluto, Jupiter, and the GC (with Mars and Mercury on this side, too). In the second “hit” of Pluto and the GC, the Earth is on the same side of the Sun as Pluto, Jupiter, and the GC, about 30 degrees away, from the Sun’s perspective (heliocentric chart). In the third “hit” of Pluto and the GC, the Earth roughly trines Pluto, Jupiter and the GC, from the Sun’s perspective (heliocentric chart).

       Given the above, there could be major stresses put on the Earth’s crust and tectonic plates, most in the first “hit,” less in the second “hit,” and least in the third “hit.” This could lead to an increase in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. However, such predictions are certainly not an exact science yet, as past failed predictions have shown. In addition, such events may not happen immediately, but may be delayed until geological pressures reach a breaking point.

       If it’s any consolation, we’re not talking about any occultations here. Moreover, the Moon is not directly involved in any of the transiting conjunctions either.

       In any case, such Earth changes, if and when they arise, are certainly astrologically Plutonian, as they overturn lives, give cause for major shifts in perceptions and perspectives, and challenge us to see the Big Picture amidst apparent chaos, disorder, death, and destruction.

       In a sense, the Earth’s tectonic movements holographically mirror the breakdown of the consensus reality, overturning old paradigms in favor of new landscapes of the collective consciousness—new consensus realities. This is certainly in line with our theme today.

Resources and Population

       We’ve already talked about the impending energy “squeeze.” However, this isn’t the only resource that’s being “squeezed” during the time of this transiting conjunction.

       Consider the following points:

       1) From 1 billion people around the beginning of the 19th century, the global population increased to 2 billion by 1930, 3 billion by 1960, 4 billion by 1974, and five billion by 1990. From the current 6 billion plus, estimates for 2025 range from 7 billion to 9 billion people on the planet. The question naturally arises; can the world support another 1 to 3 billion people in the next 20 years?

       2) According to US Department of Energy estimates, the energy needs of the planet, expressed in oil demand, are predicted to increase by over 40% over the next 20 years. However, according to IHS Energy Inc., in 2005, only about one barrel of oil was being discovered for every six extracted.[62] It’s clear that we need energy alternatives and fast.

       3) As of 2003, only about one tenth of the world’s land was considered arable if arable land is defined as land planted to crops. Less than one-fourth of the world’s land area was in permanent meadows and pastures. The remainder either was in forests or was not being used for agricultural purposes.[63]

       Land usage for agriculture has increased negligibly over the last 40 years, but agricultural production, based on import/export of fertilizers, pesticides, farm equipment, and so forth, has increased nine-fold, and forestlands have decreased exponentially. [64]

       What this says is that increased food production to feed the growing global population has relied on modern agricultural methods—fossil-fuel based fertilizers and pesticides among other things—and not on increased land use. So, by inference, when oil and gas prices go up, so does the cost of food production. And what happens when oil and gas production peak, but the population is still growing, requiring ever more food production?

       4) Add climate change and rising CO2 levels to this and the ramifications for the success or failure of certain crops in certain areas of the world.[65], [66], [67]

       5) Add to this the planet’s water needs. The hydrological cycle tells us that the water cycle on Earth is essentially a closed system—we will always have the same amount of water. Less than 1% of the planet’s fresh water (which is about 0.007% of all water on Earth) is available for direct human uses. This amount is sustainable through natural cycles.51

       However, the population is growing, putting more pressure on our water supply; i.e. demand is increasing. And the amount of usable water is diminishing daily because of pollution and contamination; i.e. supply is decreasing. In the least, we’ll be challenged to clean up, use water more wisely, and find ways to access water that is currently inaccessible. At worst, these simple economics combined with climate change could add up to major water shortages in parts of the world as the population grows.[68]

       6) Add the aforementioned pandemics to this.

       7) And then add the following potential agricultural eco-crisis:

       There’s a potential eco-crisis in relation to 1) genetic engineering and 2) the ability of companies now to patent living organisms—in particular, food crops. There are four issues here.

       The first issue lies in the techniques that make genetic engineering possible—techniques that involve the deliberate invasion of cells with bacteria and the resultant weakening of the resultant plants’ resistances to diseases and pests, which, in turn, is leading to the need for increased usage of stronger pesticides (which, incidentally, are increasingly controlled by seed companies, such as Monsanto).

       The second issue is that US legislation now allows the patenting of living organisms—food crops included. These patents extend legally to include non-patented plants that have inadvertently been cross-pollinated with the patent holders’ plants. Unsuspecting farmers who have been found to have cross-pollinated, patented genetic materials in their crops through no fault of their own are being litigated against by the multi-national companies who own the patents— not the least of which company is, again, the seed and pesticide giant, Monsanto. The result is that control of agriculture is gradually falling into the fewer hands of multinational companies, and local, small-scale, and family-based agriculture is either being forced to deal exclusively with these companies or is being squeezed out of business.

       The third issue is the introduction and patenting of the so-called “suicide” gene into agricultural crops (officially called the Terminator Gene Patent). This genetic modification produces plants that die after the first generation, ensuring that farmers cannot produce their own seed. (A similar situation occurs in F1 hybrid crops, which either produce no seeds or produce seeds that are mutated and/or infertile.) Moreover, these GM plants can also cross-pollinate with existing non-GM plants, simply through broadcast by natural means such as wind, spillage, animals eating the seeds, and so forth.

       The fourth issue is that a combination of some of the preceding factors combined with others that we don’t have time to discuss today has led to the extinction of up to 97% of the varieties of agricultural produce in favor of only a handful of each. In other words, the bio-diversity of agriculture has decreased exponentially.

       When we combine all the preceding factors with other political and economic factors—not the least of which is that, while there’s overproduction in these limited crop varieties, yet starvation continues in third world countries due to access problems arising from other dubious methods of controlling agriculture and the food chain—we get a recipe for a potential global agricultural disaster.

       Those interested in further researching this question can visit to

       Keeping the preceding list in mind now, there’s nonetheless plenty of room for growth and expansion as far as potential consumers go. Look at the rise of consumerism in China and India, for example. Not to mention the billions of potential shoppers in lesser developed nations just waiting for Mickey D’s, CostCo, and BestBuy to open in their neighborhoods. The global population can support a great deal more economic growth. This point will become significant when we talk about the world economy and how it’s predicated upon continuing and infinite growth and expansion.

       However, without the energy, food, water, and space resources to support such a growing population, complicated by the other aforementioned factors, continuing infinite growth and expansion becomes a challenge, and it might well be an outright illusion. If the global economy is predicated upon this idea, we’re in trouble in the not-to-distant future, to say the least. We’ll elaborate on this last point in a minute.

       Given the above, unless somebody invents a working Star Trek food replicator, we may be talking about a vast reduction in the population of the planet over the next several hundred years. When resources are spent or stretched too thin, the whole thing must rationalize itself, collapsing inward, throwing off what it can no longer support and concentrating the remainder in the middle, so to speak. Again, we’re talking about a global supernova of sorts. The debris is recycled. The remaining population is lesser in number, but greater in consciousness because of the event.

       This is Nature’s way. Nature solves its resource and environmental challenges by itself, albeit in ways that are sometimes cataclysmic to our own lives. In the past, mass extinctions have always led to the birth of new species, lesser in number, but greater in consciousness. Overall efficiency is increased through the process of death, transformation, rebirth, and new birth.          

The Resource of Spirit/Consciousness in Relation to Population

       The increase of consciousness resulting from such rationalizing events—from the reduction of population in particular—is a matter of the economics of Spirit/consciousness. Consciousness is material as well as energetic. It’s a resource. When spread thinly across a large population, it becomes diluted and increasingly impotent. When population decreases, collective consciousness becomes more condensed, mirroring the compression of matter and energy in the center of the Sun and the GC. Fusion becomes possible; higher consciousness becomes possible.

       The larger the population of the planet, the more diffused, fragmented, transitory, trivial, and inconsequential the collective consciousness becomes.

       We see this happening in the world today in the progressively more scattered consciousness and shorter attention spans of GenX, GenY, and GenM.

       We see it in the media with more and shorter “soundbites” instead of in-depth news stories.

       We see it in the glut of books in society that are increasingly tailored to the lightweight entertainment-oriented tastes of the masses.

       We see it in rampant consumerism where daily shopping for new “stuff” to temporarily stimulate us is a modern pandemic—a pandemic that paradoxically keeps the economy healthy!

       We see it in the decreasing average duration of relationships.

       We see it on the Internet: a recent news story told of research done by Microsoft and a big cable network, where it was determined that the average online attention span before clicking away to another page is only two and a half minutes. The two companies are now working together to produce online mini-series with two-and-half-minute episodes!

       In contrast, the evolution of consciousness requires a longer attention span, deeper consideration, and “longer” thoughts that include more elements in a larger synthesis. This evolution also requires emotions that are more permanent, longer lasting, deeper, and closer to Love in the unconditional sense.

Decentralization in Relation to Population

       The final consideration in the population versus resources issue is the resulting movement of populations during such global shifts.

       If centralized, multi-national, and national food supply chains break down because of resource “squeezes,” energy crises, over-demand and under-supply, and/or for other aforementioned factors, there’s a natural movement of population toward decentralization.

       Take Cuba as an example. When the Russian economy collapsed, Cuba’s primary oil supply from Russia ceased overnight. The food chain was completely disrupted, not to mention other vital services and industries. Transport ground to a halt. The population mobilized (metaphorically speaking!) and started growing their own market gardens and setting up their own cottage industries.

       They decentralized the food industry. Overall, they looked to local means of supplying the necessities of life. They also replaced individual automobile transport with large communal transport trucks. The populations of the cities tended to move into local rural communities where they strived to become sustainable. Even in the cities, decentralization of agriculture took place to the extent that every empty patch of city land was turned into private, agriculturally productive space.

       In short, Cuba “went from the most petroleum dependent agriculture in the Caribbean to the least, and are able to sustain a life expectancy as good as ours [USA] and an infant mortality rate better than ours [USA] while consuming 1/8th the energy per capita the US does.” [69]

       We haven’t time to explore the Cuban example further, but plenty of information is available on the Internet.[70] It gives us a microcosmic view of what changes we may need to make on a global level in the coming decades.

       And these kinds of changes are already happening around the world.

       Progressive people in small numbers are setting up eco-villages and sustainable communities in rural areas—decentralizing themselves in terms of their food, water, labor, electricity, and governmental needs. If any of what we’ve explored today is true, then we should be looking at these kinds of models, at least in the short to medium term, until global infrastructures are in place for alternative, ubiquitous energy sources.

       Interestingly, on the surface, decentralization looks like a scattering of the population.

       This is true in the physical sense, but in the spiritual sense, it’s a kind of centralization, a focusing, an alignment of consciousness, brought about by a common cause, a common spirit, and a common view to a more conscious future. So, we have both elements of the supernova again.

Physical and Spiritual “Foods”

       There’s a holographic connection between the physical foods we eat and the spiritual “foods” we “eat.” As we’ve stated, a larger population means resources are “spread thin.” To feed a huge and growing population, economics dictates that food become cheaper—in prices and in quality; we can’t all eat steak; hence the ubiquity of Mickey D’s, KFC, and low-quality, pre-packaged supermarket food.

       Similarly, a larger population means spiritual resources, knowledge, and understanding are also “spread thin.”

       The current glut of New Age books, seminars, therapies, self-help programs, and so forth are proof of this. For just $25 and an hour’s worth of reading, you, too, can become more spiritual, not to mention solve all the psychological problems of your life! The New Age book market has become the Mickey D’s of the soul.

       When physical resources are spent or spread too thin, a kind of supernova collapse is imminent, as we’ve said.

       Similarly, when spiritual resources are “spent,” as witnessed in the dying New Age, outmoded religions, and the innumerable factions, splinter groups, and “brands” of both, a kind of spiritual supernova collapse is imminent.

       In the aftermath, the debris is recycled, and the remainder is focused in the middle, so to speak, i.e. in greater consciousness/spirituality, but held by fewer people.

       It’s been said that the Truth is in the hands of the few, whereas the truths of the masses are both transitory and illusory. For the masses, today’s truths are tomorrow’s lies and vice versa, just like on “Day’s of Our Lives.”

Resource Wars

       Now let’s talk about the possibility of wars arising out of the Peak Oil scenario and the impending energy and resources “squeeze.” Let me begin by re-reading two quotes I presented earlier…

       At a recent conference on renewable energy, James Woolsey, former Director of the CIA, said, “I fear we are going to be at war for decades, not years…Ultimately, we will win it, but one major component of that war is oil…” [71]

       And, in a June 2005 Financial Times article entitled, “Kissinger Warns of Energy Conflict,” [72] Henry Kissinger was quoted as saying: “The amount of energy is finite, up to now in relation to demand, and competition for access to energy can become the life and death for many societies.”

       Now consider the follow points:

·         Since before 9/11, the USA, China, Britain, and Russia and the oil-rich countries of Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, West Africa, and others have been positioning themselves in political, financial, and even military ways to take control of the world’s remaining oil reserves. I have footnoted many recent examples of this. [73], [74], [75], [76], [77], [78], [79], [80]

·         Many analysts are now suggesting that the so-called War on Terror is actually the beginning of WWIII. Moreover, they are suggesting that the War on Terror and the US’s stated aim of “bringing freedom and democracy” to the rest of the world is just a propaganda front for the real war—for the battle for the world’s remaining oil resources.[81], [82], [83], [84],[85], [86], [87]

·         Nations that the US and its allies have accused of having WMDs, of having nuclear weapons ambitions, and/or of harboring terrorists include Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and West Africa nations. Not surprisingly, these countries are the largest producers of oil in the world.

·         The US now regards the option of pre-emptively taking control of “threatened” foreign oil reserves as “protecting its national interests.” There’s a growing consensus among analysts that the Iraq war, under the guise of the War on Terror, was just such a move, particularly when no WMDs were found, and US intelligence on the matter was brought into question. The US propaganda machine created an evil enemy out of Saddam Hussein, whom the US installed into government in the first place [88], [89] and who, before the Kuwait invasion, was regarded as a US ally.

·         Many analysts are now suggesting that a similar situation is happening with Iran, i.e. that the US propaganda machine, aided by the EU, is creating an enemy out of Iran with accusations of nuclear weapons ambitions. US and EU badgering of Iran on the matter has led to strong reactions from the Iranian government, in particular from President Ahmadinejad, who, from a propaganda perspective, is everything the US could ask for.

·         The US has recently re-established ties with Libya and Colonel Gaddhafi, a former “sponsor of terrorist activities.” Not surprisingly, Libya is one of the largest oil producers in Africa.

·         The US has a long history of interference in Venezuela under the guise of activities to “promote democracy,” “resolve conflicts,” and “strengthen civic life.” The budget for this program, initiated by the administration of Bill Clinton and intensified under George W. Bush, has risen from some $2 million in 2001 to $9 million in 2005.[90] Not surprisingly, Venezuela is South America’s largest oil producer.

·         For those of you who are interested and open to how the events of 9/11 may tie into the international chess game for the control of the world’s remaining oil reserves, I can recommend the work and research of Michael C. Ruppert. His website is, and his book about the subject is called “Crossing the Rubicon.”

·         I can also recommend the “9/11 Truth” organization at

       The preceding few points are but the tip of the iceberg. If one really begins to research the Big Picture of the oil events of the last decade and more, one may gradually conclude that it’s all about the oil. Countries are positioning themselves for the end of cheap oil in a political, economic, and military chess game that will determine who will control the remaining supplies.

       What’s makes this difficult to see and accept in the beginning is that it’s mixed with all manner of political games, ploys, propaganda, and gambits, not the least of which is the time-worn technique of governments creating common enemies in order to rally the people behind otherwise unpopular and dubious courses of action.

       Some Arab nations have created a common enemy out of the US and George W. Bush in order to rally their people to a common cause. The extremist Muslims have latched onto this and taken it to the extreme in declaring a holy war on the US and calling for the assassination of George W. Bush.

       The US has practiced this technique, too, with Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, and Saddam Hussein. They are now using the same technique on Iran and President Ahmadinejad. One hopes that the US public will eventually see through this technique.

       In any case, these topics are certainly Plutonian topics given the themes of energy, politics, wars, maneuvering, manipulation, and transformation through death and rebirth. Nations rise, nations persist, nations fall, nations transform, and nations are reborn, for better or worse.

       Ultimately, though, under the influence of the Pluto-GC transiting conjunction, the greater Truth of the matter must and will be revealed. The chickens must come home to roost. In this process, there will be more deaths, transformations, rebirths, and new births on an international stage. One can hope that, at the end of the transition, the American people, American spirit, and American ideals will be reborn in the process, alongside the rebirth of so many other nations around the world who have been caught up in the melee of global intrigues under which they currently labor.

Politics and Ideologies

       It has been said by some that America “crossed the Rubicon” after 9/11—maybe even before and during.[91] By this is meant that it crossed a line of no return—a Plutonian theme, to be sure. It crossed from its time-honored ideals of freedom, democracy, and a defensive posture in foreign affairs and relations to a position others perceive as corporate fascism, imperialism, and autocracy.

       Examples given by advocates of this position include governmental conflict of interest in the procuring and awarding of untendered oil and military contracts, pre-emptive strikes, and the Patriot Act changes to Constitutional rights.

       It has also been noted that although the US promotes its incursions into foreign countries as being in the interests of the “freedom and democracy of all the peoples of the world,” its own self-interest quite clearly overrides this. I’m not saying this is right or wrong; I’m simply making an observation.

       On the other side of the fence, ideologically and religiously speaking, we have the Arab/Muslim world and its extremist factions. The extremist factions, too, have “crossed the Rubicon” with respect to extremist (and patently incorrect) interpretations of the Koran, with respect to condoning violence and killing as a way to please God and ensure a prosperous afterlife with 40 virgins, and with respect to propagandizing the US and George Bush into enemies of God.

       Both sides—the Bush regime and the extremist Muslim factions—have claimed a divine sanction, maybe not in so many words, but certainly in between the lines. And they have personified each other as respective “devils” of sorts. We’ll talk more about the religious aspects of this stand-off in a minute, as it certainly relates to Pluto in Sagittarius.

       What’s interesting, relevant to our topic today, and most important, is that each side, in its stances, in its postures, in its ideals and beliefs, is becoming what they condemn in the other. And they have all become killers in the process, against all and any spiritual ideologies that were the true and original basis of their respective religions. Instead of tolerance and goodwill, we see intolerance, a thug mentality, terrorist acts, pre-emptive strikes, the demise of freedoms, the failures and drawbacks of democracy, the failures and drawbacks of autocracy, the chaos of tribal warfare and insurgencies, and hypocrisy, left, right, and center.

       What does all this have to do with Pluto and the GC? In short, wars, whether physical, ideological, or spiritual-religious, are one of the lever arms of evolution. The opposing sides enter the courtroom of greater Truth and have it out “big-time.”

       What the Pluto-GC transiting conjunction is trying to teach us is that, at the end of the day, there’s not one winner and one loser. One side is not right and the other wrong. One side is not bad and the other good, as normally determined by the prevailing consensus—consensus that can change from one society to another or from one generation to another. There are no losers and winners in the Big Picture. Winners and losers are temporary human illusions.

       The Big Picture—the greater Truth—lies in the synthesis of opposing viewpoints, realizing that each side may be valid in its limited context, but that a larger Context with a capital “C” contains and transcends both sides. There may be a victor and a loser in a war, but the war is not truly won until both sides begin to see the other’s perspectives in a new light and realize that maybe we aren’t all so different after all. When we see ourselves in the enemies’ eyes and they see themselves in ours, then everybody wins. This is the true evolution of consciousness waiting for us behind Pluto’s seemingly devastating manifestations.

Potential Economic Crises

       Regarding the economic state of the world during this transiting conjunction and during the corresponding shift of consciousness, respected retired petroleum geologist, Dr. Colin Campbell, founder of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil, presents an understandable model [92] of the relationship between fossil fuels, peak oil, and the possibility of a Second Great Depression:

       “It is becoming evident that the financial and investment community begins to accept the reality of Peak Oil, which ends the first half of the age of oil. They accept that banks created capital during this epoch by lending more than they had on deposit, being confident that tomorrow’s expansion, fuelled by cheap oil-based energy, was adequate collateral for today’s debt. The decline of oil, the principal driver of economic growth, undermines the validity of that collateral which in turn erodes the valuation of most entities quoted on Stock Exchanges…The scene is set for the Second Great Depression.”

       In relation to this, consider the following excerpt from Jim Puplava’s “Financial Sense Online” website, which summarizes the modern global financial system:

       “On August 15th, 1971 President Nixon brought the Bretton Woods system to an end. For the first time in American history, the dollar would become a fiat currency without any gold backing…From that point forward, the US would begin an era of deficit spending freed from the shackles of gold that had forced fiscal discipline…”

       Before we continue with this quote, consider the chart of this event. The North Node conjuncts retrograde Mars in Aquarius: hardly the time to be making important decisions or taking important steps that will affect society as a whole. Retrograde Mercury in Virgo contra-parallels Uranus in Libra, which says, “It seemed like a good idea at the time… it’ll fix everything!” Uranus in Libra opposes retrograde Chiron in Aries, which says that best intentions for balance and for the common good will be undone by self-serving interests. Jupiter in Scorpio contra-parallels Saturn in Gemini—again, hardly the time to be making important financial decisions that will have a long-term impact. The Moon was in Gemini; again, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but the idea was not connected to anything solid, earthed, or tangible. And lastly, the Moon in Gemini trines a Leo Sun and Venus conjunction, which says, “Look Ma! Look at me! No hands!”

       Bearing the preceding in mind, let’s continue the quote now, “From that point in time, the financial system would go through one upheaval after another. The result was a new era characterized by competing currency devaluations and international monetary instability. As the international monetary system moved into an age of freely floating exchange rates, new risks were imposed upon the world’s economies. Interest rate and currency risk were added on to business risk. Under a fixed rate exchange system anchored by gold, these risks weren’t as prevalent.

       “A system of freely floating currencies emerged and the world of business adapted with innovative financial instruments called derivatives. With the advent of the Black Scholes model, risk could now be measured in terms of volatility. Introduced to the world by three economists—Fisher Black, Myron Scholes, and Robert Merton—their elegant theory would cause the derivatives markets to explode. Businesses could now hedge against currency risk and interest rate risk brought about by the abandonment of fixed exchange rates under the Bretton Woods system.

       Models could now be developed to allow businesses to hedge against any risk with multiple options to insure against any kind of financial calamity. You could use forward contracts, option contracts, options on futures, swap contracts, or any derivation or combination of the above. The markets grew as the hazards of operating internationally grew.

       “Governments soon found out, with currencies no longer anchored by gold, they could inflate at will. They could expand or contract the money supply through the expansion or contraction of credit. Instead of gold, currencies would be anchored by interest rates. The supply and demand for money would now be controlled by the rate of return offered by paper investments.

       “[The]…architects [of this new monetary system]…invented a new way around the failure of past fiat systems. Complex economic models came into vogue in which governments thought they could fine tune the economy.

       The complex interactions of the marketplace and the interweaving of human action were ignored in favor of mathematical models that predicted certainty. Input “a” mixed with input “b” equaled output “c.” It was that simple and yet, not so simple. To be sure, the models were elaborate in their structure and detailed as to their output.

       The only trouble was that they weren’t as accurate or controllable on their outcome. They still ignored Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand.’

       “As this new system was being developed… it was the “speculator” who now emerged to challenge the power of the fiat system and central banks. These financial warriors battle against each other and vulnerable governments in their quest to amass wealth. They move and operate in the world’s capital markets.

       Their weapons are money, and on a daily basis, they move trillions of dollars throughout the world’s monetary system. Their battlefield has become the world’s currency market, which is the common link to all other financial markets around the globe. They have become the vigilantes of the financial system enforcing economic law against recalcitrant governments [motivated by profit]…

       “In the financial markets, the battle for confidence is fought between these two opposing armies. Like the real wars of today where armies of the state are pitted against small armed groups in the financial markets, it is central banks against these master-less financial samurai. Governments disparagingly refer to them as the “Electronic Herd,” a term popularized by journalist Thomas Friedman. The herd is made up of hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds, commercial banks, insurance companies, professional money managers, and wealthy investors. Just as governments have enormous financial reserves that they can marshal into battle, the Electronic Herd is capable of matching the resources of governments, and at times, overwhelming these forces.

       “The weapon of the herd is leverage. It is the great equalizer. Through complex financial instruments known as derivatives, they become a force multiplier that enables financial players like hedge funds to humble governments. In 1992, George Soros was able to use the leverage of derivatives to force England out of the European Monetary System’s Exchange Rate Mechanism. In the process, he forced England to devalue its currency when its Prime Minister John Major said he wouldn’t. The spoils of the battle went to Soros who made a billion dollars in a few days.

       “These financial ronin have taken on governments wherever they think they are vulnerable… Many times they win. Other times they lose. And when they lose, they can wreck havoc on both sides of the battlefield as in 1998 when LTCM nearly drove the world’s financial system to its knees…

       “A bigger battle has just begun in the U.S. …where over a trillion dollars of investor wealth has disappeared. Opinions still run in favor of the power of the Fed to revitalize the U.S. economy and ultimately the U.S. stock market. The reputation of the U.S. central bank has been elevated to a pedestal where it is thought to be invincible. It is this invincibility that is about to be challenged—first in the stock and bond markets, and then in the currency markets. It is the dollar that is now most vulnerable. The dollar has become the fulcrum on which the financial markets rest in an uneasy balance…The U.S. has been running up monstrous trade deficits to the tune of over $1 billion dollars a day. For all of 2001, the U.S. trade imbalance for goods and services was $346.3 billion. The growing trade deficit poses a real threat to the US financial system. No country in history has ever been able to sustain a large trade deficit without paying a financial price.

       “The dollar and U.S. financial assets like stocks and bonds are headed for a steep fall, contrary to Wall Street hype of another boom. The gross imbalances in corporate debt, consumer debt, and grossly-inflated profits through financial engineering (only now being exposed) are going to lead the world into the steepest recession of the post-World War II era. The root cause of this recession is the financial bubble created by an unmitigated credit boom fed by an expansionist monetary policy of the U.S. Federal Reserve.” [93]

       He goes on to point out that war could destabilize the system even quicker.

       Further to this, Warren Buffet is quoted as saying, “Derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction,” and pose a “mega-catastrophic risk” for the economy. [94] Overall, Buffet is extremely concerned about the future of global economies, beginning with the US dollar.[95]

       The short story is that the global financial system is predicated on the illusion of infinite growth and expansion, based on the illusion of an unlimited supply of cheap oil, in a world that is in truth a closed system with resource limits, population limits, agricultural limits, and space limits. The system exists on the assumption that the future can meet and balance the credit bubble that has been created by modern monetary policies and practices. This is akin to an investor putting his entire life savings into a single stock because he just knows that it will make him rich next year.

       There’s plenty more information about all this on the Internet and in economics texts.


       A late addition to this lecture is the recent announcement that President George W. Bush has bestowed on his intelligence czar, John Negroponte, broad authority, in the name of national security, to excuse publicly traded companies from their usual accounting and securities-disclosure obligations. Without going into details, this opens the door for the whole Enron thing to happen again, but with governmental complicity and under the propaganda veil of “national security.” Anybody interested in further researching this can go to: for the original report, and for commentary on the event. 

       The point of this exposition, in relation to the transiting conjunction of Pluto and the GC, is to answer the question of what, practically speaking, could possibly inspire or impel the global shift of consciousness this transiting conjunction augurs. The answer, in a few words, is 1) wars—physical, resource, financial, and ideological wars—and 2) the collapse and restructuring of old and outmoded systems and paradigms that have kept the globe running for the last 150 years in favor of new and more appropriate systems and paradigms.

Dance of The Superpowers And The Hemispheres

       Among the changes will be a shift in global power and ideologies from nation to nation, continent to continent, and hemisphere to hemisphere.

       The largest shift will probably be the shift of the balance of power from the West to the East with the rise of China and, to a lesser extent, India. This is ideologically and holographically mirrored in how the West has increasingly adopted Eastern spiritual philosophies and the East has increasingly adopted Western material philosophies.

       Moreover, we may see a rise of the southern hemisphere, not so much in the material arena, but certainly in the spiritual arena, centered around Australia, New Zealand, and, on the other side of the globe, South Africa. Australia is already a leader in the area of eco-communities and sustainable living.

Using Fusion Technologies for War and Peace

       During this time, Pluto and the GC are asking us if we’ll we use fusion technologies to fight wars, if we’ll use fusion technologies to develop a new and more sustainable planet, and/or if we’ll use fusion technologies of the mind and spirit to evolve in consciousness.

       I suspect it will be all three, as each one represents a valid lever arm of evolution, whether we like the methods or not, and evolution is what this transiting conjunction is all about. Pluto tells us that peace without war leads to complacency, stagnation, and eventual extinction. The GC tells us that war and peace walk side by side down the corridors of human history, ever maintaining the perfect rate of our evolution of consciousness between what we currently can deal with and what we currently cannot deal with. Significantly, that rate averages out at the golden mean.[96]

Using Fusion Technologies for Spiritual and Psychological Purposes

       When I speak about fusion technologies of the mind and spirit for the evolution of consciousness, I’m talking about technologies that can assist us in bringing together the pieces of our lives, the pieces of the world, and the pieces of ourselves into a greater unity, a greater consensus, a greater congregation of consciousness, closer to the Truth, Light, Love, and Oneness of the GC and its holographic “son,” so to speak, the Sun.

       Such technologies already exist and are being used as we speak, not the least of which is Dr. John Demartini’s [97] “Demartini Method,” which offers a revolutionary fusion-based healing and evolutionary process that, if embraced on a mass scale, will have the power to change the face of modern psychology. Moreover, it’s based on the physics of Light, which we explored earlier.

Religious Wars

       The area we have yet to talk about in relation to the practical global outcomes and events of the transiting conjunction is religion/spirituality.

       In short, the negative sides of Pluto in Sagittarius include fundamentalism, intolerance, and religious, spiritual, philosophical, and ideological wars. We don’t have to look far to see these issues already upon the global stage and on both sides of the ideological divide. We’ve covered some of them already.

       Even in themselves, many of today’s religions are in a state of crisis, of breakdown, of stagnation, diffusion, and decay. The first symptom of a religion in decay is when splinter groups and sects break off and when inner factions begin squabbling and vying for position and influence. Another symptom is when religions begin changing, reversing, and/or otherwise messing with their original tenets and practices in response to popular pressure or for the aim of increasing power and control over populations. This is the negative side of Pluto in Sagittarius.

       On the global stage, to all appearances and at the risk of generalizing, we see the Arab/Muslim world pitted against Jews and Christians. I say “appearances,” because this is the way it seems at the front of the stage as presented by the global media. It’s certainly the case with the extremist and fundamentalist factions of either side. However, we mustn’t discount what’s going on backstage, at a grass roots level, in terms of new and increased tolerance and conciliation between these seemingly opposing sides.

       Perhaps the most visible sign of goodwill between the seemingly opposing religious and ideological sides was presented in the recent letter from Iran’s President Ahmadinejad to President Bush. Regardless of perceived maneuvering and manipulation that the letter may or may not represent, and aside from the contradictory behavior of President Ahmadinejad in his threats concerning Israel, the letter makes a previously unheard-of gesture of conciliation between the opposing religious factions:

       It concedes that Muslims, Jews, and Christians worship the same God. Moreover, it concedes that these religions’ Prophets—Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed—were and are equally Prophets of the same God.

       We need to be aware of the magnitude of such a gesture, because, in the Koran, Mohammed is considered the only true Prophet, superseding all previous Prophets. And Allah is considered the one and only God, all others being abominations.

       Perhaps there’s hope after all!

Religious Revolution

       The essence of the spiritual/religious evolutionary message and lesson of the GC and of Pluto in Sagittarius is the underlying and inherent unity of all people, places, ideologies, religions, philosophies, and spiritual ideals. Sure, there are differences between people, places, ideologies, religions, philosophies, and spiritual ideals. This is what makes up the magnificent diversity of humanity. But when viewed from “on high,” each such perspective represents a fragment, a facet, a puzzle piece of a larger perspective, a larger jewel, a larger Picture, a larger Truth, a larger Unity.

       Seeing how each perspective—each small truth—is part of a greater perspective, a greater Unity, and a greater Truth is the real challenge of the transiting conjunction.

       From this perspective, the transiting conjunction augurs the birth of a new religion—a religion that is in line with the true and original meaning and purpose behind all religions.

       It’s no accident that such a birth is taking place at this time—a transition time between two great 2160-year precessional cycles. We’re moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius and all that Aquarius represents for humanity as a whole. Each precessional cycle has had its major religion and its offshoots. This next cycle will also have its religion. In line with Aquarian ideals, it will be a Universal Religion, based on the true and original meaning and purpose of all religions.

       The true and original meaning and purpose of religion lies in the very word itself.

Among the possible Latin origins of the word are two that stand out:

       1. re (again) + ligare (to connect)

       2. res (with regard to) + legere (to gather)

       Taken together, the original meaning and purpose of religion was to gather up the pieces of ourselves—the seemingly separate and disconnected pieces of our lives, of ourselves, and of the world around us—and reconnect them into a greater wholeness (this being holographically reflected in the gathering of people into a congregation dedicated to this same common purpose and holographically reflected in the fusion centers of the Sun and the GC). Once again, we come back to our theme of fusion.

       More than this, though, the gathering process, individually and collectively (this being our spiritual work in the material world, as set out in the guidelines, rituals, practices, and commandments of various religions), was designed to reconnect us with our divine origins; it was designed to reconnect us with the Oneness from which we came, however we might each conceive of this Oneness, whether we call it Singularity, Higgs Field, the Absolute, Source, God, Allāh, Brahman, Yahweh (YHWH), Ein Sof, Jehovah, Wakan Tanka, Te-aka-ia-Roê, Ahura Mazdā, T’ien, the Beloved, the Void, the Universe, the Almighty, the Tao, Spirit, Self, Being, or any of hundreds of other names.

       If I had to invent the new religion’s main aphorism—its underlying spiritual tenet—it would be the following:

       I am you, and you are me, and we all are Spirit on a journey of awakening to our Divine Nature. I am, you are, we are, One.

       The psychology behind this new religious paradigm can also be summed up in a sentence or two:

       What I see in others—the positive and the negative—is me. All of it. Without exception. Whether I like it or not. And my task is to learn to Love all of what I see.


       In summary, the transiting conjunction of Pluto and the GC in Sagittarius is primarily about the meeting and unification of science and spirituality, the terrestrial and the celestial, spirit and matter, heaven and earth, and the intellect with the other human “organs” of perception. It’s about the death of old paradigms that infatuate one side of reality at the expense of the other sides.

       In the old paradigm, these polarities are pitted against each other. Infatuation with science/the material/the intellect (i.e. the Age of Reason) has been pitted against infatuation with spirituality/the spiritual/the “heart” (i.e. the New Age, religions, and other spiritual perspectives).

       In the new paradigm, these polarities are seen for what they are. They are valid perspectives in the context in which they appear, but are pieces of a larger synthesis, a larger Truth, a greater Unity.

       When we bring together science and spirituality, in particular, using the holographic paradigm and the similitude of Light on either side of the imaginary divide, as we did in the beginning of this lecture series, we can come to only one conclusion: everything is connected to everything else, and every smallest piece of ourselves, our lives, and the world around us is but a part of a larger Truth, a larger Unity.

       Such a greater Unity is mirrored in the transit’s main themes: energy and fusion, such as one finds holographically in the GC and in its “son,” so to speak, the Sun. This, in turn, is holographically mirrored in the human spiritual Heart—the vessel where we have the possibility of bringing together our lives, ourselves, and the world around us into greater harmony and Oneness.

       In the end, it’s all about bringing people together, about unifying humanity.

       Pluto is the catalyst. Sagittarius is the stage. The Truth, Light, Love, and Oneness of the GC is our destination. And the Sun, being the holographic “son” of the GC and representing the synthesis of all the other planets, including Pluto, is our astrological Guiding Light.

       And that concludes our lecture series.

       The entire lecture series is available online, complete with diagrams and references at:


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